In the world of today that the spirit of greed rules over the world, everyone is on the fast lean, who do you call your friend, friends, majority of us mistake acquaintance for friendship then creating problems for ourselves as a result of our inability to reason and differentiate  between what  friend and an acquaintance real is, know your friend, know and help yourself.

A lot of our so-called friends are our sell out agents, understand them, their motive and personality for yourself.

And people should stop jumping in conclusion each time they see people together assuming they are friends, in my society we have a lot of things that can actually bring peole together like our religious, work, abode, career, village, community, interest group etc, knowing someone’s names or what the personis doing, does not make him or her your friend, do you know his/her story, journey are you ready to journey along with them, have you people connected, do you love them for nothing or the love is base on what you are seeing now, will you not condemn or abounded them after you hear their stories, how long can you stay on them, what is your waiting power for them, do you think you will have patience enough for their shortcomings, those are all that you need before you can say, he/she is my friend, I beg to correct you that he/she is your acquaintance or what ever they are, not your friend ok, stop complicating the two words so you people can flow well, stop calling yourself someone’s friend why you are his/her acquaintance or even an enemy waiting for ti kill.

Truth be told many of us will have many acquaintance/fans is allowed but a friend will surely be few no matter how you look at it, everyone must not be your friend no matter how they pretend, fans are allowed.



First, understand that for the fact that Mr./Mrs./miss A is a good friend of someone does not automatically make him/her a good friend to you, people click with some people natural and cant click with others, so don’t force yourself into where you don’t belong, for people to be what they are not made to be in your life, stop condemning  people for not accepting you the way they accepted others, it cant work because is not made to work simple  or nothing will make it work, stop buying favor just move on   and allow things that it is and things that it is not. things are better when they fall in naturally with little favor, push it blossom, most times you hear people use words like upon all I did for him/her oh God did he/she ask for it, you wanted to and you did so is not recognized, people recognize the contribution of people they value and appreciate it or sincerity contributions not ones with ulterior motive they play down on them.

Stop thinking you are the only smart one around when you come across people with your negative motives, they know it, because no matter how you look at it, hid it, it has a way of showing itsel or selling you off.

Everyone on earth want people who will love them, like them for “WHO “they are, not people who  likes or love them for “WHAT” they are, (the word who and what in loving is very vital ) they understand that these people like them because they are the, WHAT’s, CEO, MANAGER, ACTOR, NEWSCASTER, OAP, EDITOR, DRITRIBUTOR, FIRSTLADY, GOVERNOR, BIGMENS WIFE, CHAIRMAN, LEADER, RICHPERSON, CHIEF, FOOD SHARER, IMORTER, LOAN GIVER, DRIVER ETC they know that any day those things, THE WHATS, are not in place, those likeness and love stops,  and every person in his or her right thinking cap don’t respect such people because those likeness and friendships are all for benefit, those kind of people are drainers, their major focus is on what they want, they are selfish and self-centered more of people, forget that majority of them come with pretense of presenting you with gift or being nice at first to buy you over, have you ask yourself what have I done to deserve this gift, don’t worry you will pay for those gift 10times soon, hahaha, funny but true ,no wonder you will see big men but still have close friends with some people who might not be on the same class, field  or level with them, because they understand that this is people who love them for who they are, am not saying rich don’t love rich or poor don’t love poor, being rich or poor is a personality thing, we have rich selfish people and poor selfish people.

People want to be loved for real, love him/her as femi, uche, Ada, Beady, Musa, Ejiro, Ivie , Amina, Kofo, kokoma, etc people want to be valued even without anything attached to their names, those are the kind of friends we want as people, not people who attach our value on what we have, our acquisition not on our content, or strength of character.

Not those who will wish to recollect with us because we have an appointment, breakthrough, inheritance,  those people will not take time to drop us when we have a downfall. remember we need them to complete our journey but understand that they are just an acquaintance, not friends like you call them, call them by their names it helps you understand them and know where they fit in.

Funny enough some of these acquaintance think they are the only smart ones around when you sense them from afar and place them where they belong some of them get angry, most times I asked if he/she is angry that I was able to use my brain, oh I should have allowed him/her use me then I will be a nice person, is really funny how people get angry with people when you understand the game they are trying to play and outplay them.

Sorry when you are not really around people, they know, just know it now and stop fooling yourself ok.

Everyone needs true friendship people they can depend on, when we say depend am not talking about financial help but emotional, psychological and physical help because this three things they supersede financial help, those are the powerhouse that will in return give birth to the financial which is the one we purse unknowing with emptiness.

what are you getting from your friends, how are they feeding you, everyone needs a friend who will feed them right, feed our ego, self, worth, person and strength and help us manage our weakness or are you friends with people who celebrate your weakness, who  are taking from you, or destroying the little one you have, friends who makes you feel worthless, friends who your  celebration intimates, they are just tolerating you, (what!!!and you are still there), friends  who don’t see anything good in you, they always present to you all your furlt and keep reminding you on how you won’t make it or don’t have what it takes, self-centers friends  that each time you leave them you feel empty, they don’t motivate you rather they demoralize you, Please  run now, I say move out of that place, that group or I move you now, hey.

First, they are your acquaintance and not your friends, gap them, I did not say discard them, let them be there but you need a distance now, to function well.


1, Friend means being there for us, for good and bad they are life givers no matter what you meet them you are back to life they are proud of us no matter what they cover us and bring out the best in us.

2, Friends means lending your shoulder for someone to cry on and it remains with you and that person not after crying you will become his/her reporter, if they need news agency  they know where to get them, prove yourself a friend and not a news agency, many of us have lost good friends just because of our flippant nature or we keep asking what did we do, some people by nature might not tell you what you did, but they will automatically withdrawa from you and things changes they will not be enemy with you but you know is no longer as it used to be.

3, Friends means being comfortable around each other without questions, in every situation, can your friend be comfortable with you in all things even in silence or does your presence makes him/her uncomfortable or something now tells her is time to be careful and mind what you say or do, people like people they can be free with not people who put them on the hills.

4, Friends mean being honest with one another no matter the cost, knowing that you are saved or assured around each other, they are not quick to criticize you, even if they will, they do it constructively not destructively.     they are not jealous of your achievement and they dont intimidate or humiliate you with their achievement.

5, Friends means gossip mate and to the world, you can’t not gossip, because someone is watching your back,  someone you can discuss anything with and is left between you people, no other ear will hear it. security, everyone has this child-likeness being in them, we need people who will bring it out in us and it revives  us and makes us feel at home, someone that when will are with them our true nature comes out without fear,  you can’t take it away from us, if you can’t stay all night with your friend talking rubbish then he/she is not your friend call the person what the person is please.

6, Friends mean unconsciously doing things for each other without knowing you can do it, without expecting anything in return then you can turn around and say yes, I love him/her

7, Friends means the ability to forgive each other no matter what

8, Friends means learning from each other and also learning from each other mistakes without being condemned, helping each other if you can, if you have money lend to your friend help or assist him/her, the saying that don’t borrow money you cant let go is rubbish, then what are friends  for if you don’t help your friend who will.

9, Friends means me and you, a lot of people lost good friends here and they ask him/her question why, somefriends will not even tell you because they dont want to beg you back to their life,  many of us don’t know when to draw the line between friend- friends and some people see it as not being loyal to them so they retrace their step and avoid such friends who jump around their friends-friend and honesty most people don’t like it, because as he/she is jumping that friend is jumping with everything he/she knows about his/her formal friend and most people  see such friends as people not to be trust  or people who lack credibility of character and in most cases it is true, am not saying you cannot meet someone through someone, but define the relationship you are having with your friends friend, you can’t come visit me and automatically romancing with my friend and still expect me to call you my friend, you are now our friends, not my friend so should be treated like a public thing. not my personal thing, it is in both male and female.

10, Friends means depending on always , betrayal, someone you can take along with you anywhere, you will not be afraid to take your place from you  or source of livelihood because you know they will tell you what they are saying behind you and both of you will handle it maturely and keep those people where they belong, not some friends you will take to where your getting your food from or to a friend and they will stop you from eating or take away your friend from you and call it guy/babe hahaha i laugh in latin.

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