Do I need to tell you that the law-maker, who has served as the Deputy Senate President of Federal Republic of Nigeria from 2013 to 2019 ( senator Ike Ekeremmade)  was attacked in Nuremberg Germany during a new yam festival  by members

of indigenous IPOB based in Germany,     

The new yam festival is an annual festival of Igbos from South-East Nigeria, which they celebrate always, towards the end of every rainy season normal/ August/SEP  which symbolises the conclusion of harvest and the beginning of a new season in Igbo land.

The lawmaker, Nwa- afo was seen pelted with stones, yams and water packs as much as they can lay their hands on in the short video which has gone viral on social media.

Funny enough this incident did not stop the event which was slated to take place at Lowensall am ntier  Garten Nuremberg venue for the annual new yam festival of Igbos in Germany.

Posted by Beady Nnanna on Monday, August 19, 2019

Yusuf Tuggar, Nigeria Ambassador to Germany said the commotion did not stop the event as the event went on as planned, Hmmm, Funny indeed. odikwa  hu ma ooo hmmm.

Speaking with many at the event, IPOB Members and Ekweremmade entourage why would they beat their own brother? after inviting him to celebrate with them,  this way in a white man’s land because Igbos are one culture that is known for protecting their own irrespective of what or how they might have been painted or misrepresented.

We were reliably informed that the senator, Ike Ekweremmade,  was seen wearing isiagu,      one respected Igbo cultural attire with        NIGERIA COAT OF  ARMS TO AN IGBO CULTURAL FESTIVAL ABROAD, while he knows that Igbos, without hiding their feelings or pretence are not happy with their host state Nigeria, this is the crux of their anger towards the Senator. hmmm.

This singular action of him infuriated the angry Igbo’s who feels they have not benefited anything from their host country ” NIGERIA” Rather Nigeria has kept taking away from them, directly and indirectly, to attack  Senator Ekweremmade, their representative  without minding his their own, the angry mob who dragged him out of the event       venue tore his cloths not until he ran for his dear life (LIFE SWEET OH) and was whisked away in a Mercedes-Bens car  even as the mob continued beating and yeanling at him, lamenting and counting their  annoyance.

One of the phrases we captured during this incident said by onlookers, was that our people are been killed on a daily basis at home  and you are here to mock us more with your slave  masters ( zoo) symbol  on our culture, on our isagu, event we have worked with our own blood to put together, our own money, ISIAGU ATTIRE is not an attire to played with Igbo man about.

Obviously one will not deny the fact that Igbo political elite are not being responsive and responsible towards the plight of their people, the rate of denial and hypocrisy in the side of Igboelites  is no doubt two much,  it has been said that the majority of them has this culture of once anyone  clicks the national ticket through their peoples supports, he/she will abound them and their interest,  who  expect them  to represent them, speak for them and protect them but reverse has always been the case, unfortunately, they are not getting that, no wonder this anger, the majority of their representatives are  known to switch over, playing on the intelligence of their people and focusing on their personal  interest and of the national level more than on the interest of their people, forgetting their own people, where they come from.

Is no longer news that 60percent of Nigerians dying on the red see are Igbo’s, this is because they feel they have no place at home, no wonder none of them lay hold on the national cake like other regions of the nation, 95% of Igbo’s believe so much in travelling abroad.

Ipob, an armless group has been proscribed as a terrorist group for only demanding to have their own nation, going  away from Nigeria, freedom, they have not killed a single soul in Nigeria, but their counterpart in the northern part of the nation who has killed more than 20millions of Nigerians are yet to be proscribed as a terrorist group, they get presidency pardon, parade the streets and dine with the high and mighty, just because their people are strongly behind them,speaks and defend them even when they are wrong, this is what Igbo nations cannot get from their leaders, yet they have representatives, no wonder anger is boiling not knowing the kind of monsters they are building for themselves. https://www.facebook.com/video/edit/?v=2682992791733553

They no longer have hope or faith in Nigeria as a nation, no wonder they sing the song of Biafra every time, day and minute, Yes majority of political Elite of Igbo’s has been given an oath not to associate  themselves with their people let alone to talk of Biafra dynasty, is on this condition that majority of them get appointment/favours and contract etc from their slave masters, you must distance yourself from your people, the Igbos, to dine with us says Nigerian Government and co, when there were killings in the south-west etc, everyone, their technocrat, political elite lay their voices together and they attracted national interest but IGBOS TECHNOCRATS AND POLITICAL ELITE HAS THIS CULTURE OF DISTANCING THEMSELVES FROM THEIR PEOPLE,( playing safe)  no wonder, the beating has been boiling, Still they have representative making them feel alone, maybe they have resolved that if they can’t beat Buhari/ the president and Nigeria leaders, they want to start beating their representative a way of calling them to orders,( resetting activated).

This is just a sign oh warning to others dinning comfortably in the table of National parlous while their brothers and sister are left with crumbs that fail from the table, resulting into the survival of the fittest.

An anonymous who spoke to us said three things Await Igbos in Nigeria nation,


My senator ndo oo, is it painful. don’t beat him again oooo.





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