We have battled, struggled and campaigned for equality, we are  not there yet but as we mark International woman’s day Beadys world Show/Beady Nnanna wish to look at the women who have got us a step closer, women who have  led  and help to  shape  our world

Before the AD

We have women like;

Marie Curie  1898 who made a big impact in the field of radioactivity, developing  methods  to sports radium  from radium from radioactive residues allowing it to be studied for therapeutic purpose, that is cancer treatment to you and  me

Boudica she was one woman who rebelled against the Romans in Britain in AD61 Lad an army of hundreds of thousands of men and managed to overthrown a fair few town before she was defeated

Emmeline  Pankhurst endure  hunger strike and arrest  just for the cause she believes in  which all women over 30 to vote in UK in 1918 which extended to all woman in 1928

Rosa Parks is recognised as one of the most important faces in the modern day civil right movement in the us., her role in racial equality in the 1950s, when she refuses to move to the back of bus to make way for a white passenger


Were the first women prime  ministers  of the country, one of the first female women to lead democracy  in 1984

GERMAINE GREER refers as the most important voice of 20th-century feminism, her major goal is women liberation, no wonder she has been internationally critics and also admired.


Funmilayo Ransome Kuti – The Woman Activist (first woman to drive a car)

Yaa Asantewa – The Commander in Chief 

Winnie Mandela – The President’s Wife

 Margaret Ekpo – The Fashionable Feminist (ABA RIOT)

 Miriam Makeba – The Mother of Africa

Queen Nzinga –  The reformist

Ruth Williams, Lady Khama – The Motswana

Amina (also known as Aminatu; d. 1610) was a Hausa Muslim Warrior Queen of Zazzau (now Zaria), in what is now north-west Nigeria. She is the subject of many legends but is believed by historians to have been a real ruler.

Senator Florence Ita Giwa a woman among men, one woman who lives her life. she encourages women to be active, socialises and equips you by being empowered and live a balanced life, She asked one big question?what is wrong when  a woman  club or party, is a taboo, but when a man club is normal, no wonder you can see her club or party, the major thing about life is motive or over doing things, going to party or clubbing does not make one a bad person, everything lies on motive or the way is been done but when man does it is a normal thing, still I love her.

 Dr Joe Odumakin, who her outspoken nature from birth has brought her to where she is today, woman Arise founder fighting the cause of woman from secondary school till today. her passion for other people’s issues and life dears me to her. she is one of my Role Models.

FUMI IYANDA AND Oprah Winfrey my icons.

My sweet mother, my aunties and my wonderful grandmother, i cannot forget them. their impact in my life made me the lady i am today.

 MY HUMBLE SELF, Beady Nnanna, the CEO, Beadys word productions, the producer and presenter of BEADYS WORLD TV SHOW, A BLOGGER, JOURNALIST, PRESENTER, AND ENTREPRENEUR, one lady who believes so much in the life of impacts and empowerment without minding the names she has been called. 


The most valuable things you can give anyone is an encouragement not even money, I respect you all.

But one thing I wish to ask for or beg for is that our society should stop silencing our women, is becoming too much these days a lot, because if we have continued in the same way our mothers tread on, mothers like, Amina, Margate and Fumi we would have gone far, but we should remember that nobody in this life, will ever give you power, if we as woman need our place we should stand up and take it, first is to learn how to speak up! be bold and support each other, not allowing our men to use us against other women.

I notice that one weapon society uses against woman today is using Their fellow women ageist women, but we should not allow that, if not for us, but for our unborn generations, let’s support each other.


Do you know that by history we knew that Pa Zik, Awo and Amadu Bello were the people who brought independence to Nigeria?

But I wish to get your attention to another twist of that independent you don’t know. 

Queen Amina of Zaria, Margret Ekpo  and fumilayo Ransome Kuti actually played a major role to our independence in Nigeria, Yes they  are., simple because those men have been going for it, and as women we are thought not to take glory where a man is, but a single trip those women made to meet with Queen of England was actually what gave us independent, asked anyone who will tell you the truth, in the bit of looking down on woman’s achievement made us not  to see it as something worth celebrating. or how can it be said that women actually brought independence to Nigeria, why they are supposed to be seen not had, funny people, with funny mentality. (our mindset)

The boldness, courage and gut queen saw in those women was actually what made her let Nigeria go, she signed the papers, you may not agree with me, but just hear it.

But that is the truth, they took a trip to meet with her and spoke  fluently, queen was surprised that  women in Nigeria can really speak well, asked questions, it was immediately or during that period of the visit that we got  our independences, power of a woman, but no one we tell us this part of our independent story, in oder to stop our women from taking the glory , we are not  the talking creature, we are the doing creature, (forget about gossip, gossip is in every man it depends on your personality)

 No wonder they say when you want things to be said look for a man and when you want things to be done, look for a women, now tell me why won’t you celebrate that woman around you, even with little time in her disposal. she can do a lot, remember she is multitasking in nature, please celebrate her.

The truth is that by nature every individual have 24 hours, but by culture, nature and society our times differs by sex, the men have their 24 hours intact to them, for him/ them, why women have 20hours, yes

because as a woman you have to take care of the home, is your duty, as a girl or as a wife, that reduces your time  from 24hours to 20hours, so celebrate them, is not easy ok.

I celebrate  myself and my wonderful women who made something out of their life on their own, I respect them a lot, because that is the part am treading on, without God I have no one but only him ALONE.

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