Women are good and powerful learners and when they learn, hmmm, they can over teach their teachers, this was a topic we discuss  at couples day out, recently at an interactive session, funny enough 97% were married, me and few other who were not married were more active than the married people, A part you set for your woman is the part she will work on with you base on your action. most women may not accept it but is practically true, most women come into your life,a man’s life empty base on their formation,the way they are formed/created no matter her class/qualifications/financial strength ready to be filled in with what the man has to offer, because they are emotional being, the offer here from the man to the woman is not financial offer, bed-matic or a Boss to slave offer please o hahahahaha, like many men misses it there a lot.

Every woman expect you, her man, to be a real man that the woman got married to, after few months or years depending on individual differences and they find out you have nothing to offer them,remember their original self is still with them,they still have it, they are humans and adult,but just that they are ready to make scarifies for you base on what you brought on table and for the fact that you will love them(no matter your money, class, level, qualification, Size of your dick, every woman want real love) not sex o, most men don’t know that unknowingly they place the card on the table and their wife chooses. So be-careful what you present before your woman. Don’t allow your wife to shunt down, which they do when they find out that you are empty, have nothing to offer them, worst one. 

Immediately the question was introduced, i asked my self the question the crowd should asked the discussants as i was part of the them , wait a minutes maybe my training as a presenter or a TV host gives me an opportunity to always prepare my hit back questions ( We call it follow up questions)  a way of being prepared,

Who is their teachers, i should answer, funny you OK, i will, you dont want to answer abi, MEN, Men are their teachers, by nature, mind you men like teaching because of the egocentric nature of them, are they good teachers, that i dont know, ask your self.

First, woman are emotional in nature, they just know things, am still wondering why in my place they call God,(CHINEKE UMUNWAYI) God of women, by study or findings because they are close to knowing things like God.

Why men are logical in nature, men put things up to make up things. for men one plus one gives you two, but for woman one plus one can give you five and she could be right, how? asked your self, hahhahahha, lekwam

Men, use one and two to know three, why women just know it, women are intuitive my nature.        Men are logical by nature.So who knows it more,do i know, most women even without leaving any trace for them, like some men will tell you don’t leave any trace, tighten your side, be smart, have you asked yourself why in mist of all men smartness women still bet them to it, women knows things unless a woman who is not coordinated or a women who refuses to know,

like i have always have issues with some women with my bluntness on their relationship, when i will tell them, you knew this men never liked you or want you, but you forced your self on him,sorry not our topic now.

let alone a woman who is in love , truthful to her man and knows her God, sorry dont play with such woman, all your steps comes to her freely. Many people will say i am sounding this way because i am a woman, please far from that.

A woman who comes around a man by women nature of being loyal, is like an empty disk, what you feed her with is what you will take out, so be careful on what you are feeding  and programming into your woman with because that is what they will feed you back with, spicing it with their own style, they will certainly learn and over learn and do it more than you, because they have the ability of paying attention to things you a men never considered necessary, women do, so be-careful.

Because they are the attention givers, they will study you the man, and double that which you have thought them honestly you will not like it when it will be playing out,  When they will serve you what in return you have given them,  It would have been garnished in a way you might not like it or recognized is your initiative funny due, but truth.

85% marriages is the way it is, as a result of what the men brought on that table so asked your self today, what are you bringing on the table of your relationship,

Women by nature easily gives up, when they decides to be with you, they have made up their mind to be with you, so only you they think of at that time, is only you can make them think another person unlike men who thinks millions of women  at the same time, appreciate women and apologies that woman you have pushed to the world.

Remember that individual differences applied but our write up is based on majority.





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