Hostility in women/ladies unknowingly changes a nice women/lady into a bad woman/lady, turn good women/ladies into bad women and turn that loving, caring and romantic women into something you can’t recognise again, without knowing how we have contributed to that actions. we should know that our faith keeping ability is not the same, so be careful when you treat your woman.THERE’S GREATNESS IN EVERY WOMAN!!!


What on earth will push you to be using degrading words on your partner, which kills him or her softy, constantly reminding her/him how less a human they are at the same time still expects the best from them, a story for the gods, my dear please get brain now if possible.

Focus on, men to women TREATMENT now.

God said in the bible that I read, that he has given everyone gift according to their capacity, so everyone on earth has his or her calling, there  are people who motivate and inspire us for no fees majority of them are our mothers/housewives’  without them around us to give us a soothing words, take care of us and nurture us lift us when we are down, from inside to achieve outside greatness we boost of today , our life will be a mess.In a world where women are believed to belong to the other room, where women are believed to have their place in the kitchen, that world, where women are seen to be home builders alone but building their own life will only be a challenge to the men’s fold, in such world, women are not expected to compete with their men fold, to the men it is a big challenge, a slap to their face and disrespectful to them for women to aspire to be great or even greater to the men around them so as some men, are forming their own mindset,  some women are also forming their own mindset  not to  aspire fr greatness, or anything much or anything big, so is not their fault, blame them not, to some  women if they aspire much, some men will see them as being too wise which will affect their chances of getting something’s ( heheh, so one can actually be too wise, or if one  is wise is now a problem, what a mindset) in some areas it actually exist.

for those women who are aspiring high in life, competing with the men fold, some men believed that such women should be thought a lesson if not, to some of the men in that area believe such women may not be able to talk to, controlled, they have this assumption, yes to me is an assumption because it has not be proven, that their position, such women position, wealth or achievement will get to them, why will it not get to them if I may ask, that is if it does, when you keep going for them (the women) not for what you feel for them, whom they are, not because you like them and need them, or for whom they are “not wanting them for what they are”, or you wish to be part of their success story, their life,  to help them build together, rather you are going to them for what they are, not whom they are, sorry love no one on earth wished to be used.

No wonder such women rarely get marriage proposals or good relationship easily in such reasoning society that their mindset has beclouded wrongly.

Funny and stupid aspect of this mindset, is that most of the men admire these women from afar but will not want to have  anything intimate with them, they are their idols, they are comfortable having them as friends not as close knitted partners  because to some men, such women remind them of their failures, only a few men appreciate and look for such women.

I asked one guy why do you like this lady that most men fear, that you wish to go mines for her, he said oh my God, her guts challenges me, motivate me to aspire more and so far each time I watch her guts it spurs me to work, having her around me, inspires me a lot, I love my women die, he went far to tell me that because i ove her what ever things she tells me in love I do and I benefit from it, I was like, most men will not go for such women, listen to what he said, sis, such men are weakling, they don’t wish to grow. hmm I laugh, also learnt.

To think that some men even insult their partners, making reference with such great women according to them, to them they see such women as great, but for me, every woman is great on their own way just look for that greatness in her. Misplacement of priority in partner searching, this man took partners whom they took because they were comfortable with them, those are the once they can control, such men are looking for who to control, not who to share life with, those who don’t bruise their EGOs , is that not madness that after many years you now start calling her names for not doing something  different from what you sort after earlier in life or contributing wisely, hey bros, everyone must not be enterprising, that women, you are calling names, has actually contributed a lot to your life lok back, but you are not mindful to see it, you have made your choice so take it easy on her or better still know what you what from day one and go for it, don’t expect apple why buying mango or orange, God is not a magician stop killing your partners internally, that is the worst type of death most married women are going through these days, that is bringing out the hostality/beast in them, please let stop the hostality in our women now. Have you ask your self about your contribution to that women change of life, giving birth to so many things unGodly our women do today.

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