And ask key questions, why they should not look for what they can’t get in Nigeria outside Nigeria?.Many of us sit in the comfort of our homes, office and car with air-conditioning cooling off our national made stress out, calculating our federal government  contract money, crude oil sold transaction,estate transaction and bureau de change business deals which we get with easy because we know people that know who matters ( connection things) opportunity avialable for just a few, criticizing millions of Nigerian mostly youths, who migrate to the different part of the world in search of life that Nigeria nation can never give them which people like me was once part of that criticizm, not untill Libya issues arise, then I knew I needed  to pause and rethink from another damension. I have always had this mindset of not leaving Nigeria for anything, I can only travel for training, shopping or holiday for me nowhere is like home, but one thing we should know is that our enduring/staying and willpower is not the same.

The frustrated Nigeria youths are asking question why he/she should not migrate, Because my future I look up to always seems bleak, even with the microscope the youths barely sees his/her future clearly, even the ones who see it, are not very sure how long the route can remain clear, Nigeria is the only country that you are eating now does not guarantee you will eat tomorrow, that you are rich today, you can become poor over night, just like the poor can because rich over night or having job today assures you will work tomorrow no way, serving your nation does not promise you good old age, saving your hard earn money does not prove you will have enough money to relay on in  your future or old age.

Nigeria is one nation anything is possible because rule of law does not exist, is a lawless country, one policy twist changes a lifetime and rearranges the queue. funny nation.

Now the threatening part of it is that the youths life is online, is at stake, his/her survival is only by Gods grace no wonder many of them are becoming more gullible in the hands of  ordinary mortals, like, politicians, 419ners, MM”s, Ritual killers, kidnappers, smart ones, angry mob, fellow frustrated youths, and the so-called pastors, lets I forgot their Government, who then will blame them, not me, not even you.

This is because outside natural disasters that can take your life at 40%, manmade disaster can take your life at 60% in  Nigeria, making a man-made source of death in Nigeria the highest rate of death, people die anyhow, 60% death in Nigeria is manmade, and could have always be averted but no! life in Nigeria is worth nothing no one cares about you, not even your Government, in a nutshell, recently it has been proven that cow is more valued than human life in Nigeria, quote me!

Now with the news and social media remember they said the world is a global world, they hear the stories of other countries, hear how comfortable they are, how the youths of such countries are valued, who on earth does not wish to be valued in life?  how easy life is for youths in other countries, how secure other countries youths their future is, now in Nigeria most Nigeria youths can see their own future in other countries but barely sees it in their own country (Nigeria), see how their life can get better afar, why won’t they check out?

So one just asked me those countries build their country into what it is, let’s build ours, Fantastic, wonderful thought, lets build means collective but our youths have been sidelined, the nation doesn’t believe in them.they don’t carry them along.

But wait a minute how can we build that dream country with the pace at which we are riding on, when an average Nigeria youth decision does not count, the voters card in his/hers hand is just  a mirage, even with his/her intelligence has no input to the future or future of the next generation , what he/she knows or think of the nation  is irrelevant as regards to the governing of the Nation, his/her forebears who guided his/hers grandparents with little knowledge at their disposal are still guiding them in this jet age, even with paradigm shift in the space, at look he/she sees that the world has moved but his government still want him/her to remain at the same place his/her grandparent  and parent was when they were child, why won’t they check out?

Nigeria youths live in pains, because he/she has to suffer to provide everything he/she want to survial in a country with aboudand natural resouces and Government and still pays for it, our HERO of the past,  Fala called it suffering and smiling_ the youths who are tired of it wish to leave, check out, because he/she pays for fuel even after spending half of her life on queue, he buys generator set which he fuels on a daily basis but still have to pay (Nepa) electricity distribution bills,  bills at the end of every month refusal to pay will attract the law of the land or even the law of neighbors who will badmouth you to pay because they have already settled to the mindset of what  can we do, attacking you who dear wish to stand on your right, paying for service not received Is normal in Nigerian( Nigeria is a country where your right become your wrong) so ask no question.

he//she pays for transportation fares  which comfort and availability is not certain, many life and valuable things have been lost on Nigeria road, someone once said Nigeria road  is a death trap, people spend half of their life on traffic still in search of the future that will never found, one just said plan, how can you plan when you pay N100 on a particular route in the morning on the same route and two hours later you are paying N500 or left to walk home or your life ends there?why won’t they check out?

Now the Government want you to pay taxes for all they did not provide for, yes I said so, if you can provide your power by buying genenrator set, paying for private school because you don’t trust Government own schools or probably because you can’t get it or nepotism, paying for private hospitals because of general hospital negligence,  provide our water by drilling pollholes in our homes etc the youths are really ready and willing to pay from their struggle, to pay because they are obedience citizens who have  the peace of the land at heart but end up spending half of their life at the paying centers, the payment that is expected to take 30miuntes  takes months just because of bureaucracy system of Government, mind you, you have to pay bribe to pay your bills or, have you had that time is money, the more we waste our time, the more we waste our life. wasting our youths life, tell me why they should not check out?.

As a child, I can’t forget how my mother always tell us that the price of bag of rice has been increased every Christmas period  same with others commodities I guess in the market, that of rice I will never forget because I love rice, with promises that it reduces by the coming year, but the truth is that they never get to reduce rather they keep increasing,

now I understand the phrase of life which said that standard of life can not reduce for you rather you work to meet up with it, but is it same with our own Nigeria where standardization and the regulation of prices does not work rather a devaluation is the other of  life in Nigeria,even life has been devalued to the level that we now chose cow over humans.

Funny enough we debate this in our national Televisions like human and cow, tell me why they should not check out?

Devaluation of quality of life

Devaluation of health care why the price increases

Devaluation of  quality of education why the price increase

Devaluation in naira why the purchasing power reduces

it goes on like that, just list to mansion.

Adaptation of our citizens is our major problems with our national anthem of ” what can we do” an average Nigerian suffers in silence and believe there’s nothing he/she can do, so they go with the crowd, we rather  adapt to  the situation on ground than ask for what is rightfully ours, most of us who refuse to adapt are been called names and seen as rebels of the land, some feel the best thing is to check out, in as much as a person, I don’t encourge people traveling out just, I believe we should stay here and worked it out, now tell me why won’t they check out.

Nothing kills one faster like finding out that no one cares about him/her, an average Nigeria youths have no sense of belonging because the Government don’t even think about them or know they exist, so they don’t care the kind of treatment they get outside Nigeria provided they make money and experience life their own way. one once told me I prefer to prostitute abroad than the prostitute in Nigeria, no wonder our young men marry the class of women they can’t look at in Nigeria.

the major reason many run away in mass. Failure of the GOVERNMENT.

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