If for real anyone can die anytime/day, if indeed after all our healthy lifestyles and all the life precautions still a good number of us still die untimely, then I have come to accept that life itself as a risk.

The only thing we need to do is to live life to fullest and wait for the owner of life, GOD, for sure life belongs to those who can take the risk, those nations who are ready for risk taking ARE THE LEADING NATIONS, in humanity.

Everyone of us drinks water still, the same water kill many of us, Good number of us, use the road/ air/water/rail still most of us die on the same route.We all  sleep still, many die through sleeping, so  life is all about trying things out, you can never say what will turn out the big market we all await, or the good things we are looking for (my people say life unfold as you go on it) which mans life is Journey,

No wonder they say most mistakes turns out to become new ideas, so what is then keeping us! life belong to the nations/people that take risk, nations that  try new and unavailable things, A closer look at the developed countries shows they live in taking risk, am not surprise with number of their development,  innovation abound in such countries,

But those countries that are afraid of risk taking remain dormant  when it comes to development, most of them want to be sure of any action before taking it, recycling is their second name, they keep repeating things in different ways not creating new things, rather they unconsciously  killing the innovations of their people by not allowing them opportunity to experiment, who knows.

“THIRD WORLD COUNTRY as a case study” is going down the rail or is roving  around because they are always afraid of taking risk mostly with their youths and their people.

No wonder the tested projects are always crowd funding why the untested projects are left to the faith of the owners, many third world country  youths and people have a great ideas/brains like other countries youths.

But  the third world countries  business ideas focuses on ascertaining  the future of all the business before investing on it,

One of greatest challenges entrepreneurs encounter in the third world countries, no good structure, no good system, monopoly of the market, if Thomas Edison and Bill gate where in such environment like ours, you might not be reading this article today.

Any Government  that wish to grow, should be ready to take a risk,  mostly with its youths. Are your Government taking risk with her youths?How long can people struggle on their own even with viable ideas/products/project when the banks, Government and multinational companies want to be very such and certain before  investing into any business, such attitude weakens the ideas and kills it the more, many ideas that are given to liberate people are death.

My big question is this, why is it that most government are not ready to risk with their youths? no wonder one sector is getting the attention why others are been let out. economy cannot grow in a lopsided way.


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