So many of us are in the habit of living for others, that is what society went and believe in, I don’t want to be left out or seen as the odd one, because of that many consciences are mortgage today, which has give birth to the killing of conscience (many consciences are dead)people no longer care about the outcome of their action, as far as they are fiting into socital created world of them,

Many  of us live for mother, father, friends, spiritual leaders, Uncle, Aunt, peer group or  associations we belong to, we don’t have mind of our own, we do things because someone around  asked us, want us to do it or are doing it,originality has left many Africans, every one base what they are doing today, even me on what someone else has done on his or her achievement.

People will always want to correct you by reminding you how that person, this person has done it, certainly you will not be happy, you are just following suit, (oh yes members), you are just living to please people, when the only one you should try to please is God and yourself.

Let me tell you, the more you try to please people the more irritated they get about you, people like challenges, in a polite way, not ruddy type, do you know that if you don’t live your life someone else will live it for you.

There are a lot of  tricky intelligent people around looking for an opportunity to explore if you are not smart you could be one of their  project to execute, I pray you will not,  remember that God collected one talent from the man  who has one and gave to man that has ten, in the Bible I read, so if you are not in charge of your life others will take charge of your life as a ladder to get to where they’re going to, is allowed.

A look at reasons, talents owners are always poor why their managers are richer might give you an insight.

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