Why hijack our corridor of power, Most people are like is this lady drunk, oh! sorry am not drunk but am a crying Nigerian, seeing things differently from most people. Am honestly beginning to shift my blame game from our political class, leaders bringing it over to the followers, citizens, the people who are been lead, which is Nigerians, because irrespective of how we look at it, the masses have the power,to change or make, o yes!.

This is because, if we, as people can complain about Awolowo, Shagari, Buhari, Babangida, Abudusalam, Jonathon and still not ready to stand up, make scarifies , go mines in achieving what we truly want, shape our own destiny, build the Nigeria we want as people and do away with always, being complainant, this ideology of “what can we do, God will help us”! ( God created us and gave us a brain so he can rest, but every minute, every second, God will, God help us, as if, we are the only people he has to attend to, nah only unah God created Nigerians? then we all even me the writer is, all the same, yes I said it, every NIGERIA is the same, because we are all the same who enables all these people in giving us all we have gotten over the years, all we have gotten in the past, present and will still get in the future, wait before you call me names and before this self-righteous exonerating act of, am not among, are you not an a Nigerian? MR righteous, anywhere you like Reside, or stay, we all are together on this, people cannot get anything different from their leaders or office holders, our leaders represent who we are, they direct and indirectly exhibit who we are as people you better know it..

Leaders or leaders lives  actually reflect the peoples life, what we see in the life of our leaders  politician is 100% the life of 180millions Nigerians anyhow you want to argue it, am not an argumentative writer and am not ready to become one overnight, not for Nigeria and not to massage your Ego, am a storyteller writer, a storyteller, tells his/her stories his/her own way, in my own way am telling mine own Nigerian  story of your life from my own perspective, so tell your own for posterity sake.

We, Nigerians detest knowledge, Excellency, and intelligence, forget our private sectors, my focus is on our Governance, Government, power in the center because they are the ruling power in Nigeria, the highest paying sector in the country, why because no matter what you are doing in Nigeria even our Christendom without Government power behind you, funds, you are not going anywhere in Nigeria, sensibly, is it suppose to be so? more reason it should be a national challenge to us, let’s face it.

Nigeria is one country that fears the intelligence of a man for a position, rather will go for those who they will comfortably pinpoint, manipulate, detect their faith and action, those who will make  the appointor still more relevant even not being in office, one benefit a Nigeria will not let  go for free, (being appointor for life), our old politician are all guilty as charged.

A country full of sycophants, each time I read comments on our social media, watch our TV channels, newspapers all I see around me are sycophants even with our well-trained journalist, broadcaster and activist, we all speak with our lips tired, under it, is still this eye pooping sycophancy readily made to massage the  ego of this narcissism personality around us craving for ego lifting because to me is only a man whose ego has deflated needs it to be always lifted, ut why Nigerians.

Funny enough that is the easiest way to open their doors, gain entrance into their heart, win them over to yourself, wine and dine with them and like my brothers in the comedy world will say, smile to the bank, then that makes we all  clowns (NIGERIANS ARE ALL COMEDIANS, CLOWNS) yes, if we can’t differentiate issues from jokes.

Now we have group of egocentric personalities, egoism nation seating as our leaders and we have sycophants nations ready to sing their praises at will with other hypocrite nation living it out, each time I take a look at this group of individual nations that have formed Nigeria nation of today ( NARCISSIST, THE SYCOPHANTS AND THE HYPOCRITES)  one question I keep asking myself is this still poverty generating problems or what? or fear of being killed, because is no longer news that Nigeria, is a country where if you say the truth today the next day you are gone, they will kill you, YOU WILL LSE YOUR JOBS, OR YOUR ACCT WILL BE FROZEN, no wonder our news agency suppress news suite any serving Government, hey hold it there, what should I say, tell me you don’t know that the immediate servicing minister for communication and culture called journalist on a roundtable dinner with fat envelops to stop reporting news on Boko Haram, no wonder they will come out to tell Nigerians, that technically Hoko Haram has been defeated but frankly speaking even as you are reading this, they are still killing Nigerians in dozens, oH Soon they might start killing the security men and the leaders because we indirectly are giving them power by being dumb, well this is not my topic now.

Now to the nitty-gritty of my write up is on the letter writer, the elder statesman of that Nigeria, Baba Olusegun Obasanjo, Baba I greet you, please allow me to express my self-thanks.one comedian made a joke of his letter writing, that you should pray he doesn’t write you, once he does Carrie o, political or family you are finished.

Another Nigeria technocrat said he, Baba is not this sound to articulate his thought the way he did in those letters, that his not the one writing those letters, but for me, his the one writing because is all his idea, his a very intelligent man, some are looking at it in the grammar way, but take out grammar that man has it, I give it to him, mind you intelligence is not in grammar but in the content of your brain baba has it.

Whichever one, my own is getting things done, no matter which way, to my technocrat before we go don’t forget in a hurry Baba is now a graduate of open university so anything can happen hmmmmm.

Now is it the issues of four W’s and H in communication that is always making us being this parochial in our society that we hardly pay attention to other important or even more important things and people around us, no wonder we recycle leaders as if other millions of Nigerians are all  dullards, nevr existed, our media actually have more blames to these way of life we have adopted, the more attention they pay to the 4W’S & H  which is Who, What, Where, When and How and ratings, they don’t actually balance the job because to me, facts and truth of a society needs in  advancing, necessarily might not come with the 4 W’s & H and they abound around us but no,no and no, our media will never leverage on them, see them, or give them face, reasons they have nothing to offer, kind or cash then they are under deepen to where they should be,belong to, why the nation got rotten continuously giving face to already  face art, why millions of art are crying asking for facelift, what happens then.

Am of a good governance and better society, I see a Nigerian that one day will compete with international world like the USA, RUSSIA,CHINA ETC and we have WHAT IT all  takes to take us there, the resources, mankind etc but very very underdeveloped, reasons fall on bad Governance, and honestly peoples are getting what they called for, one major reason people like us still write.

Baba Obasanjo, might have good reasons, for writing to the serving president, which are very good and nice, the majority of Nigerians are jubilating on, too many people think, he has come for our liberation, says who? how can a man of 18th century always be our liberating factor even for my own generation, the same man who liberated my father will liberate me, then am not worthy for anything I hold firmly to as a human, or what do you THINK? 21st-century people,  how many of us have taken our time to look at his motives behind those letters not behind or in them.

Still brings you back to my  starting Page,

if actually you are following me, because you might be reading and not following, when I say, fellow,, I mean being on the same page with me, I mean understanding because am not begging people to agree with me, am just an angry Nigeria crying for my nation, pouring out my heart for my nation, not looking for people who will agree with me.

Narcissism personality abounds in our leadership sectors, remember am looking at Nigeria in three-nation sector, please not Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa but the kind of people that sums up Nigeria people, they are the Narcissism, the sycophants and the hypocrite this class of people are our major problems.

To the best of my knowledge from when I started following  Nigeria politics, is obvious that Baba Obasanjo is now one of the big cartels for deciding our faith in Nigeria from the south because the  northern might think they are born to rule, I have no problems with them, THINKING OR FEELING IS A FREE GIFT OF NATURE, in as much as they are certain for winning northern vote anytime, any day, anyhow but their northern votes, without votes from the  other part of the nation will not make them winners base on the system of Government we operate in Nigeria, which now places Baba Obasanjo as the king of the South in Nigerian politics, my question is for how long will this be?. he approves who he wants and disapproves who he does not want, check the history so far.

The south, the west, the south-East and the south-south will not give northern politician edge in clinging to their dream position now making him Baba Obasanjo more relevant than we think, Baba heads the south in Nigeria politics anyhow you like look at it, why only him?, one man deciding the faith of a nation who always disturbing my airspace and now complain about what they have chosen for themselves “rubbish”.

If you doubt this let Atiku eat his ego and go make peace with Baba tomorrow he will be the president of this nation, mark it and read my lips my name is Beady Nnanna AM A STORYTELLER, TELLING MY OWN NIGERIA STORY…

Baba  approved, Yaradua, Baba approved Jonathan, Baba approved Buhari now Baba has released his advert going with the rubbish bill the national assembly passed for us, (Not too young to run Bill), no wonder they say to tell them what they want to hear and his telling us, majority of us are jubilating, on the same recycle patterns, how many Nigerian youths have 25million Nigeria to pick up a party form and have extra 50 or hundreds of millions to run the kind of campaigns we run in this country to win election and make good decision base on his understanding of leadership, we will still be at the Marcy of the old politicians who will sponsor us and detects our future and faith of our unborn children’s through interior motives which Baba has held for a long time.

One bill I have faulted with everything in me, if Nigeria need to change and advance, they should give us an “independent candidacy “ not, Too young to run bill, lets chose our leaders ourselves, group of young people can even choose online, in schools, associations base on whom they know, trust and present and compete with the old ones but know!, we are always presented with their Selected options.

Have you asked your self how many Political parties are registered with INEC and why only two is making waves and someone sit here telling me my PVC is my power on who, their last options, we are tired of these old men choosing for us, presenting for us, Analogue leaders, we wish to choose our leaders, I hear Nigerian making noise for their PVC, who even told you that your PVC has been speaking or will speak for you? remember the much our PVC can do is limited, because, you are choosing from what they presented to you okay (option-less choice) not giving you the sole power to chose randomly if you don’t know, know it now, that is not who cast the vote that matters rather who counts the votes that matters ok,  and who counts it please?

The point am trying to make is for Nigerians to watch it,  because they are in the verge of enforcing another moron on us, we should not put on our dancing shoes yet thinking Babas letter is for you or sorry, they are still working tirelessly protecting their own interest, why can’t Nigeria youths stand, found an interest and protect it even with life,

Baba Olusegun, Buhari, Gowon, IBB, ZIK of Africa’s  so many of them, they all started politics in their 20’s the oldest was in 30’s,  with little information on their disposal and training, their elders entrusted their life blindly  into their hands, believed in them even with their  future then being bleak ,it was a game of luck and some foolish youths are celebrating Not too young to run at 40th’s selling your birthright  hmmmm, sorry youths of a nation fighting each other on social media, why people you fight over unite by your foolishness, my anger is actually on you, the youths not on the leaders now, who have had their own share of the life, OBJ don’t want to leave the dancing hall, so rejoice not for his letter.Where is your life? my youths, for the elders, why can’t they leave space for the youths to experiment as they did in their young age, now even me sitting here can see how bright the future of our youths is, with a lot of information on our fingertip, the technology which elders never had but know! they are power and fame drunk and wish to hold on to power/ fame for life, or until their —–  na una sabi, please am out of here.

So my Nigerian people, my youths, rejoice not, OBJ is just repositioning himself and making himself more relevant for next election and our almighty media are helping him, why can’t you, the media beam your light on that youth at otupko, ikene or Ohazara writing for better Nigeria, change the focus of your reporting and journalism , why OBJ? is even very annoying seeing how these youths cluster around them, converging to thank them for withholding what is rightfully theirs and giving you crumbs that have fallen from the table.

Baba I greet you, sir.

Well just speaking aloud, as an angry Nigeria youth, what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by to read.

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