WHERE YOUR FOCUS IS, takes your time ability, energy and strength.

We automatically limit our self without knowing it,

This is because there’s no limit to what we can achieve in life, but our defecting factor in the world is the life of others, Immediately we start looking at other people’s life, focusing on them, their achievement and goals, we start losing focus on ours, we automatically lose it Completely.

We should always remember that everyone is wired differently, in their own world.

A Yoruba friend of mine told me one proverb that has kept me going in life of my career, his name is Bayo, He said  that  in the market square,  there is a lot of noise of distractions, but once you have in mind what you have come to buy in the market you go for it, that the noise cannot distract you, stop  you or deceive you into believing any other thing, he went far to explain to me that because as you are in the marketplace, you will always, hear different things, see different people, see look alike of what you are looking for and the noise is a steady occurrence in the marketplace,  not you or I can stop it, he said, that, the only way you can overcome it, is to keep your mind in what you have come to buy in the market, for sure you must find it, that  it is there, don’t allow anyone deceive you that is not there, is there, go get it. only hold your peace, and look for it, because you are the only person who knows it and can identify it when you see it, as you look for it, be at peace with yourself and life generally.

Most people get deceived by market fancies, dancers, varieties at the gate of the marketplace, (hurry) don’t be in a hurry, please, that is the major problems most of us have gotten into, we are always in a hurry, most time we hurry into our death or mistakes.

So you don’t use your money which is  (Time/strength)  on other things or buy wrong thing thinking is what you have come for, Which is living on others people’s purpose.

That still brings me to a word,  uncle of mine told me when I made a decision to stay back in Lagos after my  service year,

He said, Lagos is two angle Town, meaning,  that if you want to succeed, that you will see those who will help you succeed and if you want to fail you will equally see those who is their job, they will help you fail, effortlessly, that they are good at it.  that the choice is yours, make it now!

And I said it is not only in Lagos, it is applicable to all town and places in life, and to life generally.

Now I said, it will not be easy, remember that everything worthwhile takes a long time, and a lot of work to  accomplish it, but it is possible, yes possible, that is if you badly want it, and ready to walk long  enough to it  and at the end it is going to worth every bit of the effort once you get it.

when I hear my mentors and senior colleagues said, I have paid my dues, he/she have paid his/her dues, I will then whispers to myself, Beady you are paying your dues, major challenge of life today is that many people don’t want to pay their dues, remember no one brakes the rules of life, is there and will always be.

Remember to achieve something you want so badly, you have to become who you are not, legally

who knows, for the fact that most people have gone through from the bottom to the top where they are today, why can’t you do it, who knows, you might have the natural ability and talent more than them, just be patience, and look at  yourself, always have at the back of your mind that no good things come easy.

Take your focus off others and re-position it on yourself through God and the world will become a better place for us all to live in.




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