Goal questions, for goal getters and goal achievers in respect to our goals in life. because many people can not really figure out what they really want out of life, because. Each and every one of us should always ask ourselves on a daily basis, is, what do I really want out of life, that is if you have a life, have you gotten a life worthily of living today without fear, many fear failure, because of that they refuse to live, they are only existing then, a lot of things are left undone or waiting for you to  do then, is there languishing, well if you don’t do it others will, but do you know that the way you are to do it, is quite different from the way others will do it, oh my God why Nah, don’t allow the world to miss that your creative lovely touch, it is especial on its own,  if you could ask yourself this precious and golden question and comfortably answer it, first before that,

Goals can easily be achieved when we know our purpose and set a vision for our life, then always asked yourself this questions, it will help, direct you and guard you hourly, daily, monthly and yearly and which will tell you how well or good you are doing for yourself and for the world, because what you have is not for you is for the world to enjoy, ok but know it that your values as a person have a lot to do with all these things or have  many things in helping it come to place. so give it a chance.

Many people are like I don’t even know my purpose in life,so having vision or knowing my value becomes a problem , that’s a serious one but not a problem at all ok, we can help each other,  don’t you worry, do you know being sincere with yourself, you can actually do some ” purpose, vision, value” text on line to know yourself, they are all there for you look for them ok.or we can assist if you so wish.Each time people say this to us, we normally asked them what is those things they love doing, things you can do effortlessly, or do for free still be happy irrespectively that we as people have monetized everything these days, we are now money driven generation even with that, what have we achieved, nothing, I tell you, anything you can gain and lose your peace, sorry you have not gained anything ok.

Then I asked them again, what if you got a news from an authentic person or doctor that you have just 2months to live, what are those things you will do better now!

Or if you are given 10billion dollars today with tax-free, what would you do differently, from there you can trace all those things that you seek, good luck. but!

Remember goal question is necessary for all you are set to achieve as a person, in life, don’t be hard on your self, just what do I want out of life, it will really help you to know where to go. wait for our  want and need which will give you much insight,

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