We’ve been brainwashed’,Tacha insists women do not need marriage more than men.

Former housemate of the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, Natacha Akide is also known as Tacha has advised people to stop pushing the narrative that women need marriage more than men.

The reality TV star made this known via her Instagram Stories on Monday, December 7, 2020“Stop pushing the narrative that women need this marriage thing more,

From story and lived realities, we have seen many women live a good life, survive better without men in their lives, even those who lost their husband early in life than men who could not live well without a woman in their lives.

It’s not a big deal,” she wrote.“And I hate the fact we’ve been brainwashed over time that woman need the marriage more than men why the men are actually the people who need it more.

. Marriage isn’t/shouldn’t be a priority, It is not a do/die affair! There’s so much more to this life than 2 rings and 2 adults. I beg you! If it isn’t working, leave.”

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