Our flashy lifestyle is having its turn on our flesh these days, then who do we blame, hold on before you put up your blame games, let me remind you that each and every one of us,  have contributed to this affluence of lifestyle  that is raving us in and out today, snuffing life out of us and many, life of individuality, unhealthy competitive lifestyle, has killed many people directly or indirectly why living, because is not everyone that has a staying power, strong will, or power of comeback by nature. Many are empty vessels moving about.

Technology will always be and have come to be, so don’t ever blame it on technology, no one can change or stop it, more technology is yet to come out, but one thing you and I should not forget in a hurry is that everything made in life is not made for everyone, rather we are made for everything, meaning that miracle we are looking for, is attached  to one person, not until you  meet that person it will not come, woe betide you if the person refuses to acknowledge you as a person  for him or her to assist not help, just know it, that we can only assist each other(people) is only God can help us, because all we have is given to us to look after for good of others, rather  everyone of us are running a rat race of  competitions, to show off, in my own side of society, most celebrities are struggling to get their life back, by living simply why non-celebrity is flashing it everywhere, thank God for social media which is helping  them well and fine this days to fluent it, everyone wants to be a celeb, there’s a lot of  an emotional  rivalry  and unbolted fight  going on today which many of us know, yet we pretend as if is not true. but is there staring at our faces?

I will never forget one proverb my Dad once told me, he said life is like a standing fan,

Meaning when the fan is on you, is not on the other person, life is turned by turn, if you asked me, if  for real, life is by turns, I should be able to affect others who will in return affect mine life, when is there turn, but today each and every one of us made life to be a ceiling fan,

We all know how ceiling fans works, it gets to everyone at the same time, so we expect  everyone should have it at the same time, to fluent it at the same time, mingle and relate at the same levels being in the same class, yet, God did not great world so, a quick look at our 5 fingers will prove it to you.

Even Jesus Christ  when he was in the world, we read he went from places to places, I want to believe that as a child of God he has the power of being everywhere at the same time even as human, like we believe he is now, but no, rather he  went about doing good, we should meditate on that.

Remember God never promise us a problem free life rather he promised us that he will always be there to save us in time of problems, and he also said, man are given to fellow men as God on earth. Are you God to people around you or you are palliate to them set to sentence them to early death, with our unspoken words/actions we are killing our friends emotionally day by day.

But today in our society, when you have problems, people look at you as if you are an outcast, they isolate you, keep you at arm’s length, some  mourned with you in your face, your  presence then castigate you at your back, giving many reasons you have not made it far in life, or why you are  having your problems or why you can’t make it, as if they are your God, words have a way it moves around the owners, he will hear it, directly or indirectly, so tomorrow he/she has a problems that need people to talk to, the person tries to keep his or her problems to him/herself  because he/she knows that many people  pretend with you in your presence so because many people don’t want to have problems people around them, and many of us run away from people who have problems, our slogan is, everyone has his or her own problems, yes I know, but remember our strength differs in persons, a lot of us bottled a lot of things are killing us gradually and you said you have not killed ok ooo!

I believe God have a reason for that. so people live amidst many people but we are very lonely and hopeless, no one to depend on, we cannot trust anyone, our corporate world calls it packaging and branding. Our churches call it a confession, so is a rave, I will not be left alone, so everyone is packaging and branding, confessing even at the point of death.

Our religious setting is the worst place these days, you can only be recognized when you have made it, but Christ said I came for the sick, not for the healthy people,  if for real, he came for the sick, why are we getting bothered by people with problems in our religious settings, where  do you want them to go to, to go and die and commit suicide like many people are doing these days, no wonder the crime is more in the religious setting now.

A soothing word can bring back life to dying soul, most times we might not even give them money to live, but to be truthful with them in our discussion, show of care and love can heal them and revive them, but no, rather the way we look at/on them push them away from us, and we say we are children of GOD, children of God my foot. “just reasoning aloud”

We treat people as if they are the maker of their own problems, as if they created it by themselves, so people now  learn to maintain, even when they are dying ,you hear them saying am ok, because they don’t want to lose their friendship, bother you or seen as a problem, no true friendship, no sincere friendship/love and care, who can give us pure love and genuine support , oh to your tent Israel. Everyone is looking for people who have made it or can help them make it. to hang around them, is now two world. rich and poor with a long wall.

Those things don’t move me when I know that one day you will die, I will die. my job is to be nice to people irrespective of who you are or what I can gain from you.

Go to our seminars or symposiums you hear the teachings, the kind of people you should associate with determines the kind of person you will become tomorrow, so I now asked them those ones whom they dis -associate from, what do you think of them, they should go and die, Abi, remember you are a killer.

Our actions have only breed wickedness of people when they are not happy, wickedness grows in them. look at the happenings in the third world today.

One of the reasons suicide, depression are on the increase today in our society, borrowed culture abi, you call it, but our attitude and action is breeding it more today, people don’t have sincere friendship rather what we have is rivals, everyone is in the race to outshine the other person, even in our so-called religious settings. churches, association, clubs let me be practical here, you are only recognized if you are doing well, everyone, even our leaders, so called spiritual leaders want to associate with you only when you are doing well, but when you are not doing well, you become a plaque people avoid you, people don’t love or like people for who he/she is, rather we like people for what they are,

Our conscience has been sold for Wealth, Riches and worldly acquisition, flashy clothes. cars houses and worldly ambitions and how many countries you have visited and people you associate with, so people don’t understand people again, everyone keeps to his/herself.

So it becomes so difficult for people to open up to people or tell people their problems or situation because they won’t understand them, or they might even use them as a joke to drink in our beer parlours, salons, in general gatherings, or topics in our preaching, teachings, I suggest  that we should allow people to be the one to tell their stories, allow them to make that decision OF TALKING, we should not be people’s mouthpiece, caging them in their own world without mouth.

One major thing every living soul search in  life on earth like breathing air is trust, who to trust, we don’t have it today, even our priest, pastors, doctors, wives, husbands and friends divulge our secret even before us without them knowing it, so who do we trust (I see myself in the way you treat others) Irrespective of class, true friendship is very scarce this days, we don’t extend hands of fellowship these days, only if the person has what we are looking for, that is why you will see a poor man buying expensive gift to attend a program in a rich man’s house, a nice man event is been bankroll by other people, just to buy favor, to open their doors, but drop peanut for a poor man,  most rich  men attending the poor man’s occasion  who cannot afford ordinary water will go with empty hand, and after eating, if he will even  eat, he will say bye- bye, (of course, won’t you go), the poor man is  happy  that he even came,  took some snapshot and post on social media and friends will hail him/her, you are now dining with the high and mighty. life! next hour people his owning will come after him/her to pay them, without knowing that his visitor has attracted cost for him/her not gain.

let me be frank with you, I have respect for those friends who love me because I am Beady Nnanna, irrespective of their class or social recognition, but those ones I know that come around me because of what they will get, I hold no respect for them, so it is to many people know it,  I know, 95% of people want to be loved for who they are not for what they are,

Because who we are is always there, but what we are is a temporal thing, remember 85% treatment we get on earth is due to our position not due to who we are, which is not suppose to be so. now I asked where are the people who are supposed to be making the world a better place to live in.

we only remember to check on friends/relatives when we have new positions, clothes, cars, new wife, new husband, new baby or children’s achievement  just to intimidate and humiliate them,killing them softly,  not to really know how they are doing or to invite them to our house when we have moved into the nice or classy neighborhood just to show off to them  that we are no longer in the same class or level with them, that we  have arrived, not to find out how they are doing, when last did you asked after your friend with sincere heart, most times, people are just looking for one person who will give them a listening ear, a pet at the back to tell them is ok and a cup of water, and you are there telling me you are not a killer, please allow your conscious to be the judge

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I have not said anything!

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