WE AID CORRUPTION. Unconsciously or what I call consciously we aid corruption in our society, in our homes, in our relationships by the type of systems we run or have adopted over the decades, and we still cry out aloud, check yourself, check it very well.

When, our mothers/fathers/relatives keep telling us and reminding us for an unsolicited information, about people who are doing well, buying cars, houses, building houses,even building for the community, traveling around the globe, getting married, having children, getting chieftaincy title, someone is now asking, what is the connect of this passage with my write-up, the connection is that the same people we groom at home, will eventually end up as our Government officials, its all starts from home.

Some parents will even tell you, get it, e ripe or e no ripe, get nah get(One major problem I, Beady Nnanna have as a person, is that I don’t look at problems, but I always look at the root cause} she is crying, ok, I will console her, but am more interested in what caused her cry, not the crying itself,  so she won’t cry tomorrow again.)

Don’t even tell me is unconsciously, because many might buy into it, but me, as a person will surely not buy that idea of unconsciously, because we do, what we do or what we are doing  consciously, as people, as a nation, now listens or hear the choice is yours, thank God is a blog, at least, I have enough time to say all that I wish to say. “God bless you for coming”

A  look at my society, hmmmmmm oh i weep!

Am an African,  our kind of system is a system that to get things from back yard, fraudulent way, abnormal procedure is always easy, faster, cheaper, so as to get back to other things, because you have to work, you have to survive, anyhow, yes, anyhow, because no one cares about you, even the so called Government that you elected or elected them self, (because many will tell you vote or dont vote, their position is secure)to represent you (most times I think, do we really need this elections ‘” topic on its own”) that  don’t even know you exist, what a pity kind of  life some people live, oh sorry I live, I almost forgot, we live, hahahhahha. Ninja

Am not saying is not applicable to other society, but am writing base on what I know and have seen,  people need time, to at least, to attend to other things so as to survive, because we live in a society where you  provide everything you need as a person to survive by yourself, so the man who said time is money, was actually talking to us, come, have you forgotten, you have to pay your tax, must pay your tax, even when you provide all those things by yourself, even without  having an enabling environment, a system where  you create everything, even environment all by yourself and make the money, then pay them tax to live big.

Look at this Americana, she is asking me, what they use the tax payers money for, go ask Fela, Ajuju, abeg let me write jari . So as I was saying!

Now, take a look at our, NEPA or PHCN,  telecoms, water corporations, for people who still get water like Abuja people, healthcare, banks to pay school fees or admissions forms/fees, drivers lenience’s, National id cards, try getting affidavit in the court and try getting it outside court and know the easy one and cheap one,  so many I can’t mention here etc,  buying of fuels, even paying the tax self, they waste your time that you have decided to pay o, for peace, because an ordinary person have this mindset of what can we do, we are ready to pay so the rich and their family will have enough money to spend,

After working with your blood, because you already know that those services you paid for will never be provided for you, my worst annoyance is that they will still waste your time, and days, you pay much, that you would have use to get home to look for I pass my neighbors generator to generate your night, look for kat ( me ruwa, onye miri, oni omi) to buy water from, or oluwole to get you other fake papers so as to live, i wonar be life, because after spending many time, days and money the bureaucracy in our system will not allow those things to get done as at when is suppose to be done. WHY WASTE PEOPLES TIME? by wasting peoples time, you are telling them to find the easy way, an ordinary Nigeria must survive, so corruption is inevitable. people are been pushed into corrupt life without them knowing it, People practically sits on files without attending to them, over office gossip, if you  are lucky, or you have money or have an insider your files will be attended to soon, if not please go and sleep pending when the next regime takes over, still we cry nothing is working, how can it work..

Now is the conscious we make to aid corruption attempt I talked about here in our socity,

Because the same people who are at the helms of affairs are the same people helping  those quacks, touts,abgeros to get it for you easily, fast and cheap a way of enriching themselves and making cool and extra money outside their salary, to meetup (where you work, nah where u go chop abi)

An average Nigeria who is a hustler, still struggling will rather pay for his or her time so as to be attended to, so he/she can have time for other things, have you been in the hospital and you are stirring at  your files and other people who are not there when you got there are been attended to, have you forgotten that 75% of our private hospitals owners are still working in our general hospital, if you need good attention go to their private hospital pay good money and you will be attended to visa- vise other sectors,

Our system encourages corruption by 200% so asked me again, nah who I go ask?.


Remember we run a bureaucratic system of Government

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