The technological society mistaking wants for needs is leaving a huge vacuum in our lives these days.

Needs ranges from basic survival needs to all human beings, to satisfy our necessities,  from  cultural needs, intellectual needs, and social needs, varying from place to place and age groups,  Needs are finite but in contrast, wants which spring from desires or wishes are boundless and if you will agree with me today is the core course that is destroying us today, reasons for many struggles, untimely death and problems, why parents are losing their walls, they now work , what we call, 247, to meet up, still not meeting up,people go out of their way to do things not comfortable with their conscience but am happy for them, that they see how on their own they lose out in a bit to meet up. we hear words like, am working for you, but sorry, is you I actually need, not your work, she just node! will they eat stone, who said 243 will not give you your needs, but you’re working for 247 be truthful for your self, you are actually looking for wants and not needs?let’s face it.My question to you as a person? if really our wants are boundless, is it not more reason we should take it easy, this shows that not even you or I can meet up with it in life if only I understand that grammar boundless. ( then make due with what you have, appreciate it)

A lot of lives has been complicated or what my lecturer called twisted, better still called it wrongly misplaced  or misplacement of priorities or losing focus of directions or whatever  you could call it on your own way, because as my reader, I always have you in mind to write along with me for us to understand this article very well, so let’s go!

Taking your mind back to our primary /secondary schools days reminds me that, we were thought that needs are very important for our life meaning, as humans, your needs supersede  your wants,

(One important idea in economics is that of needs and wantsNeeds was defined as goods or services that are required for life. This include the needs for food, clothing, shelter and health care I add, life and air yes. Wants are goods or services that are not necessary but that we desire, note here desire, which means you on your own decided to put that pressure on your life by your wants or which is driving a lot of us gaga today and destroy lives). Weldon, I say!Advice please, play low on your wants and focus more on your needs for you to have a better life and for us to achieve a better society a way of having a good mindset.

Needs are those things that are very crucial for our existence, for mans existence, but it is so unfortunate today that we are placing our want over our needs, making our wants very crucial and important over our needs, one of the life threatening problems  which spark up inner emptiness, competitions within us and unhappiness resulting to unhealthy life.

As a grown up child, I notice many families and how  comfortable  they were, even without having everything at their disposal, but for sure they survived lives hurdles and problems and bonded together come out gloriously, no matter how hard I tried to bond with my siblings/families, I still notice there’s a vacuum unlike the way our some of our parents bonded effortlessly with their siblings/families then,  I keep asking why, even with so many money and things around for us now, we seem far from each other, are you experiencing that or have you notice that, is it bothering you at all.Families then, fed well, dress well and their children attend good schools they had shelters over them, if you asked many of them, without minding it was public schools  but in their sub consciousness  they were very comfortable with things around them, even ones that had no children, no partners live happy lives and glow, one phrase, many poor homes hold so tenaciously then in my dialect  was (that God trains) Of course their God actually trained them then.

But I bet you, with happenings now, God cannot train for us, not that he’s no longer God, because he will still remain God, no wonder parents go through a lot to train their children still unable to train them, yes they have not been able to train them or have they? tell me if they have because we as people have replaced our needs over our wants.

What nonsense is this lady writing about “hold on please” the nonsense am writing is that, GOD, Our God, MEET US AT THE POINT OF OUR NEEDS NOT AT THE POINTS OF OUR WANTS, Yes, argue it now! unfortunately even our religions settings these days place more value on wants and playing down on needs, no wonder the society is going Gaga on wants. Even me too Oh, HAHAHAHA, I want ” Range Rover spot” wait oh! red colour, to be precise that’s my favourite colour, Hmmmm can you give me one, he/she laugh but am serious, like seriously. naughty me.

Thanks for stopping over to read,  much love


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