Video; No tenure elongation, Chief John Uche was treated unjustly. Elders/stakeholders Ohaneze Lagos.


It’s a worrisome situation on a series of illegal actions going on in Ohaneze Lagos state and if not checked now, Ohanaeze Lagos might  totally be consumed under the outgoing president, Chief Solomon Ogbonna, and his incompetent leadership.

This statement was made during a press conference hosted by founding fathers and elders of Ohaneze ndi Igbo in Lagos, on  February 25th 2022 at Igbo community center okota lagos.

Eze Nwachukwu speaking during the opening speech in this video said.



,”We have issues in ohaneze”.

The statement read so….It is disheartening that the President of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Lagos State, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene will wake up one morning to despise the main body of Ohanaeze worldwide that conducted the election that brought him to power in 1918.

It is also unfortunate that the Legal Adviser in the person of Barrister Onwughalu was present when Solomon shot himself on the leg by the audio documentary evidence where Mr. Solomon nullified his election by saying that Ohanaeze worldwide err in law by conducting the election that brought him to power by saying Kpo Ihe ojo ihe ojo (  (is illegal, null and void having been based on a criterion that never existed)  and that he want to do the right thing now by consulting Ohanaeze 2006 by law.

Responding to this issues,   Chief . A. Njoku said, bylaw is not a law, the worldwide constitution is supreme to any byelaw, Enugu use the ohaneze worldwide constitution  in electing president Solomon to power, since Solomon said Enugu made a mistake with the election that saw him to power in 2018 with his voice message then president Solomon should resign from office.

What Mr. Solomon has just said in that audio is that his election by the Ohanaeze  worldwide  is illegal, null and void having been based on a criterion that never existed.

That going by the confessional statement of Mr. Solomon Ogbonna Aguene the issue for determination now are;

* Whether in conducting the election that brought Mr. Solomon to power to do in addition to breaching the right of his opponents.

* Whether having regard to the oral and documentary evidence (audio) before us now, Mr. Solomon has proved his opponent right that the election was fraudulent as required by law.

* Whether the Ohanaeze worldwide was correct in law to have conducted the election and pronounce Mr. Solomon winner.

* Whether the judgment of Ohanaeze worldwide was valid and competent when it failed, refused, or neglected to evaluate the evidence before it (byelaw). With what Mr. Solomon is saying that Ohanaeze is conducting ,

Reacting to this, Eze Sylvester Oriaku – Eze Ndi Igbo, Coker/Aguda LCDA, said President Solomon has no right to constitute electoral body for ohaneze election, it is solely Enugu’s right to do so..

Secondly,  the excommunication of the first elected President of Ohanaeze in Lagos State, Chief John Uche, under his prodding and through the instrumentality of an illegally assembled Ohanaeze Council of Elders who are under his payroll.

This grave injustice to his predecessor and to a man who has served Ndi Igbo in theLagos  State, meritoriously, marked the beginning of the now crisis-ridden Administration of Chief Solomon Ogbonna in the State. The excommunication of Chief John Uche has now caused a major division in Ohanaeze in the State which Ohanaeze is still trying to come out of.

Chief Solomon Ogbonna has also embarked on other massive and anti-Igbo actions which must be resisted by all well-meaning Igbos. These actions include the dissolution and disbandment of many and duly constituted organs of Ohanaeze in Lagos State such as Ohanaeze Women’s Wing, Youth’s Wing and the Local Government
Chapters of Ohanaeze.

Incidentally, these organs were elected and inaugurated into office the same day as Chief Solomon Ogbonna by Enugu Headquarters.

The crime of Chief John Uche is that he demanded for accountability and transparency in the running of the affairs of Ohanaeze and that Chief Solomon Ogbonna should clear himself of his forged certificate scandal and alleged perjury.

The crime of others is their advice to Chief Solomon Ogbonna to thread softly concerning his second term
ambition which is unconstitutional and which has polarized Ohanaeze in the State.

Lastly, It is also painful to see Ohanaeze now being infiltrated by criminal elements who use it to fleece innocent Igbos of their hard earned resources.

Chief Solomon Ogbonna is aware that some of these criminal elements in his cabinet.

Attempts by Ohanaeze Enugu Headquarters to call Chief Solomon Ogbonna to order have fallen on deaf ears. Rather, he has chosen to blackmail them by accusing them of creating confusion for him in Lagos,State.

Eze John Greg Ezebuadi -First Inaugurated President of Ohanaeze outside Igbo Land,Eze Dr. Christian U. Nwachukwu – Igbo 1  Eze John C. Nwosu – Eze Ndi Igbo Mushin LGA , Eze Sylvester Oriaku – Eze Ndi Igbo, Coker/Aguda LCDA , Chief Kalu Uguru – Youth Leader Emeritus/Ex-Officio Abia State, Eze Gerald Onuchukwu – Eze Igbo Eti-Osa, Mazi Ugochukwu Ekwebelem – Admin. Secretary

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