We harden people when we are not mindful of them or their needs, desire etc generally.  But when we are mindfulness of other peoples and their desire, they become soft, nice most time become our fools, go and learn, great leaders, use that to get followers to themselves, try it with your partner and come thank me, no! buy me chocolate, the black one at that oo. no ojoro lol.   HOW?

1, Stop being judgmental,

2, First, put yourself in other people’s shoes before acting.

3, Allows some space, we are humans, not God, mistakes, is allowed ok.

3, That way, we make us see the good side of everything, other people, situation and not the bad side of them and life, in turn, life becomes good and enjoyable for all.

Life has been crushed, just because people are not mindful of each other, we don’t act having others in mind, we practically allow ourselves to beclouded by  our selfish  sense of reasoning and our actions each time we act or reason too bad,

Taking away mindfulness, meekness, softness and niceness from us,

unfortunately, those attributes are all impeded in us,  they are there to every one of us as humans, like I will always tell people, the beast o, the angel o, are all in every human, but the one you call on, will for sure answer you. just as you are reading our post now, which side of us, are you calling on?

obviously, ask yourself which one have you always be calling on people, more reason you should not be in a hurry to judge because you might be the problem and not the person you are judging.

When you are mindful of people in your behavior, actions, you will unconsciously  be nice the way you treat people and to people without you knowing it, not that you will be heels head over everyone {i mean liking/loving everyone the same way know!} but you will be mindful the way you treat people, because in loving, you will never love everyone equal but you will be mindful of everyone’s feelings and well-being that way we can achieve a greater and good society.

Sorry I might close  this write up  by taking a look at the Bible, but having in mind that am not writing for Christians or better still bible readers( because we have a good number  of Christians who don’t read the bible and a lot of non-Christians who ready the bible)  alone, all the same whatever name of the thing you believe in, worship I have come to realize that we worship the same thing, the same God, which differs by name, method, means and pattern.

like you know each time you ask a boy to call on who he knows, he for sure will call his mothers lover hahaha, pardon my naughty nature.

In the Bible, the highest commandment is love, as a matter of fact, life is love and love is life.

Everyone Is created to love and be loved, but It still bit my imagination when you talk of love, peoples mind rush towards the opposite sex alone, forgetting that you can get the best love of your life, from siblings, friends, colleagues, client, parents  etc or even who you ran into, please repent now, (for heaven is near )

You have never thought of that abi! change your thinking now.

We are expected to love, pardon me to use the word like because the word love invokes stronger thing in you people each time is been said, everyone we come across in life and they are to like us in return, liking someone does not mean taking them into your closet or making them your friends, but it will actually help you in relating to them properly, that way life itself will be sweet/nice and things become easy for everyone, that is actually the original plans of life by our creator, so stop changing it for God ok you are not a game changer he/she laughs I got you there.

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