To Umeh Panel: No Need, Nwankpo Never Had Issues With Obiano.

Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma-Odili to Umeh Panel: “No Need, Nwankpo Never Had Issues With Obiano, Those Who Stole From Him, Had Stolen Nothing”.

The ongoing Telemundo drama serial nicknamed APGA Peace & Reconciliation Committee headed by Sen.Victor Umeh OFR can best be described as”tales by moonlight”. Though, the Umeh panel possesses the “eze gworo” to bite, but cannot swallow the bitter pills. The blazing controversy surrounding the Umeh panel is not out of place, because the hunter has become the hunted.

Take it or leave it, Umeh panel has been set up, and inaugurated to whip the butts and clean up the mess proudly defecated by Ozonkpu Victor Oye led ailing APGA. As tongues wag, thoughts are some of the constituent members of the panel appear judges unto themselves. They appear honoured and compensated for dragging the once almighty APGA to the gutters.

Methinks, the near impotent Umeh panel should tickle the dickcap, to stretch upward strongly, boldly and courageously towards addressing the mad outcry of all the known and unknown APGA aspirants, both present and past, that were allegedly defrauded, snooked, scammed, raped, abused, and plunged into political bottomless pits. Men and women who stood up sought to be counted in the renewed discussion and quest for better Anambra, but, got drenched, stained, bruised and battered by ndi ijebego. Ebe ooooo!

According to Akachukwu Nwankpo, the ADC governorship candidate “those who stole from me, will see that they have stolen nothing”. While the robbed, derobbed and accomplices file out at Umeh’s panel, effort should be made to sustain the viral “APGA Refund Me” campaign. No, the Umeh panel should stop living in erroneous ways of promising automatic tickets in the next dispensation to their shammed victims. It’s simply deceitful and laden with unpleasant consequences.

Meanwhile, Akpokuedike Aguleri and Oputa Ife adi, the two good friends who are determined to keep Anambra “Rock-steady on the Path Of Progressive Governance”, have moved on, ready to hand over the baton to the people to choose their leader, not the flapper Umeh panel.


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