TIWA SEXTAPE; I stand with Tiwa savage for refusing to pay the blackmailer.

In her SEX TAPE !!! I stand with her, for refusing to pay the blackmailers as a way of stopping the act of blackmailing, but my people will not reason that far, all they see is a sex tape.
As a human, I blame Tiwa for recording herself in the act, or allowing them to record her, have you thought, that she might be recorded without her knowledge, but then, we are all human, mistakes are part of our existence,
Looking at the Sex Tape saga and most of it reeks of hypocrisy, living in a pretentious society like ours, I stand with Tiwa.
Many who are not better of are now saying they are disappointed in her as if they don’t fornicate or what?
Some said she should apologies to Nigerians, Hmmm, Nigerians that is free of fornication! free of sxecification, Nigerians who have not had sex before, who are sin-free, no tell us who she should apologies to, for refusing to be blackmailed or that man she is living with as a husband, the last time I checked she is still single, still, I stand with Tiwa.
Some said they are ashamed of her, congratulations no one has seen your own sex tape and still, you are not better of, you and I know that you have done much worse within the confines of your home and hotels! your sex videos, you nude pictures, and their exchanges, your threesomes, foursomes, your gay’s act, lesbians act, anus sex, it’s your animal sex and you have the gut to criticise Tiwa who we should celebrate for refusing to fall for blackmails so you won’t be blackmailed tomorrow, still, I stand with Tiwa,
Some said Tiwa Savage is misleading the younger generation. what a pretentious society, who likes suppressing the truth, always looking for a shortcut, by telling them to blackmail her or by refusing to pay the blackmailer, Nigerians left, a government that has cultivated the habit of lies, and stealing are leading them right why the unfortunate lady who dear to be different by not paying blackmailer is the one misleading,
We are always beclouded by our pattern of reasoning, someone licks this video because she refused to pay the ransom, kind of act that is destroying many of us and our family today, “BLACKMAIL” rather than joining her to fight this ugly culture among us but no we are calling her names, still, I stand with Tiwa.
I hope you are also aware that Nigeria is one of the largest consumers of porn in the world and you! Yes, You!! You have watched porn at a point in time in your life, so after watching it you come here criticising Tiwa, are you better than her.
So, before you castigate or are ready to kill Tiwa, send those nasty comments, make those disgusting skits and videos … Check yourself as well. Are you holy? Are you without blemishes? are you a virgin, sex is sex, seen or not seen, sin is sin nothing like big or small sin.
Please this is the time to look out for a sister, not time for a blame game. Tiwa I commend your boldness, I love you.
Be careful with your words, suicides are instigated from this kind of scenario, tomorrow you will say you have not killed but we kill every day, every minute with our words.
WORDS ARE LIFE, YOU GIVE OR TAKE, the choice is yours

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