Married women enough of this rubbish on our Internet.
Nigeria men have become cheaters because the women made it so, Women over the years have tolerated the men excesses as normal, pampered them into believing is their right,(Africa man is said to be polygamous in nature ) such is now a culture for a black man to cheat, the men see it as their legal right, in fact, is normal for a man to cheat but abnormal for a woman to do the same thing men are doing, who is deceiving who here? few decent men who don’t cheat on their partners, who have respect for their matrimonial vows, personality and their partners, are seen as Jew men, most women are of this view that every man cheats, the reason the women are taking off on the cheating game, cheating equally, please be Noted; cheating because your partner is cheating, you are not doing your partner or anyone rather yourself, is your body remember, is a great low self-esteem problem for ladies to  think that another woman is the reason for your problem  with your man, (if so then you have no reason being with that man if she the outsider woman can obstruct the peace you both should be enjoying) be wise is not the lady is you and your man, meanwhile is not all men that cheat, we still have decent men who respect the sanctity of that vow they took,  just that they are few, If your husband is cheating on you,

Three things are involved.
1, Is either his a dog, who lacks self-control and self disciplines.
2, Or  He doesn’t regard you, he doesn’t have respect for you as a person.
(What do you expect, when jumping from windows, ceiling, tiring him with one baba, prophecy or pregnancy)
3, He has no respect for that matrimonial vow you both took as husband and wife,
(What do you expect When the motive of the union is wrongly based)
Majority of us women, knows all these things exist but trying to overlook it, my bible tells me, when the foundation is wrong what can the righteous do, call him, confess, plead for a new union then pray to God for a better phase of your union, not to start pursuing single ladies about, blaming other for your own created problems, your problem is your man, not single ladies, any reasonable woman should be ashamed of coming out to disgrace herself and her household, thinking you’re disgracing the single lady, you should be ashamed that you are not good enough for the man you called husband, the reason he is going after someone else, you should cover your shame, is in this Nigeria that a legally married man with children, printed obituary of his own legal married wife just to travel with a side chic, who accused him of being married, to prove he doesn’t have a wife, In this country, a man denied his own son just to prove to the side chic his single. A good number of us knows how we found ourselves in the bed of most men but could not get to their heart, we all know that the men we married are not into us, so what do you intend to do, enslaved him, but him, as a typical Nigerian man can not be enslaved, the problem is that many women can’t even discuss with their husband or confront him, because our major aim was to get the name, ring, house, forgetting that getting the heart of the man first gives you everything even peace and respect,  but no,  the desperation will not allow us to do things rightly, just wed me he has wedded you then what? To keep disgracing him, making him look like the bad egg why is all your fault,  Sissy please talk to your husband his your problem, he has sold you kobo by going after that dirty girl in your street. Deal with him or live with it,  talk to your husband, not the lady outside, for a cheating husband how many ladies do you think you can fight, our Women are their own problems looking away from their major problem and shifting blames, oh let me not lose this one I already have that’s the mindset of majority low-self-esteem ladies, at least I have a husband, good for you, let the pampering work continue, i will pamper him, condone him before he leaves me, Hmmmmm, congratulations, then deal with it and let’s have peace,  you are now a nuisance to the society, please hid your face.

Any day Nigeria women are ready to deal with cheating men, cheating will reduce drastically, not by cheating back, not by stabbing,  not by not being submissive, not by divorcing but by taking your space as women, standing up as who you are, a woman and restating your self-worth, most women believe to be in marriage you have to reduce your self-worth, standards who told you that.

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