Three people who aid the Decline of Morality in the society.

The moral decay of our society is now so alarming, that needs everyone’s consent to where we are headed, with your input positive or negative, the thing is that all hands are needed on deck to determine the faith of our society now or?

In a society where the abnormality is now seen as normals, we are quick to normalize it when it comes from notable, wealthy and famous families.

Its really discouraging to find out that our society today is been govern by decorated dishonesty and deceit, staring from our homes, the seat of power and our religion settings, we see it as normal without knowing we are restructuring our society into what we want and what we’re getting.

 A character says it all,  unfortunately, the decline of morality is on public display more than ever. Technology lets the world see people and see us so quick to programmed us into a new we irrespective of what we are saying or want, the world sees who we are from our actions.

The silence response of our, technocrats,  political elite and religious leaders has engulfed us in the destroyed society you see today, which their selfish interest and self-actualization is destroying. In our society today the three arms of character moulding into what society becomes have missed it.  

1, The Home

2, The Government officials and 

3, Religious Leaders; 

They are more self-centred than selflessness they should be, more engrossed in affluence lifestyle of acquisition to the detriment of the society and their people. 

What do you expect from these three characters/nations builders, when they are the promoters of lies, deceit and stealing in the name of being diplomatic, getting back at others and justifying past wrongs, the home, government official and religious leaders have unanimously weakened our nation moral fabrics.

They intentionally subjected their people to poverty so as to control, manipulate and use them for their own gain.

Their phoney and hypocritical body language has destroyed our society. The problems exposed by disturbances of lack, poverty and inability to provide for people which has positioned them into a mindset of what can I do if I cant provide for them, hold it there, that does not mean, you can talk, speak against the evil, but no!

Under the disguise of poverty, hungry etc we have sold our dignity to survive and I ask what nature of survival is that without shamed, dignity and integrity?

Where are our moral values? Our forebears bequeathed on us,  The perspective of Christians and islams that we are known for was particular about a sense of right and wrong.

Something as fundamental as what you expect from others is extremely vague and amorphous even after there’s a disappointment or belief that it’s a continuation of a dialogue and not the culmination of one.

I was brought up with a certain set of moral standards and values by parents who believed that it was almost a rule for life.

Our children, who are in their late 20s, is the result of a generation whose ethics have been shaped largely by the technological advances that occurred in their lifetime, still maintain values and morals because it was a conscious effort to instil it in them.

That values will withstand the technology advance, there are a lot of external factors, but yes, things are really very different and far more morally flexible but with good morals and value, people will still be called to order.

 The mindset of each generation is certainly different, but I would think morals would be something that would carry on through the generations.

mindset can change but morals and values remain the same!!

My question is, where is our moral and values if we have any????

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