This viral image of rice pyramid was built with wood

The bags of rice used to form the pyramids were reported to have been planted and harvested from states across the country under the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme (ABP).

Buhari govt spent money to brand rice bags & filled bags with seized rice from their struggling citizen’s by Nigeria Custom Service, As if that’s not enough, they use woods to construct pyramid covering it with these rice’s to deceive the world that Nigeria produce rice.


The event also trended on social media with many users expressing diverse reactions to the launching of the rice pyramids. Some users also shared a photo of a rice pyramid with a wooden struct, claiming the government had deceived the citizens with fake rice pyramids.

This viral image of rice pyramid shared on social media is not recent

Samson Onyolu, a Twitter user, said the rice pyramids unveiled by the president was a massive plank with just a few bags of rice to cover the frame.

“There’s nothing like rice pyramid here. A massive plank pyramid frame build with little bags of rice to cover the frame work you people call rice pyramid? This govt & Co should stop deceiving the masses,” he said.

A Twitter user, @Tutsy22, posted the photo with the caption, “APC and Fake Rice Pyramid”. The tweet garnered more than 90 retweets and over 100 likes.


Another Twitter user, Joel Onwuchekwa, shared the photo with the caption, “This is the rice pyramid @MBuhari wants to flag off. What a shame really!”


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