These 5 rich young women killed by their husband for their own money within five months-Mindset

All These five Women  Died for domestic abuse ! Within the Space Of 5 Months. surprisingly, they are all breadwinners of their respective marriages, they are richer than their husbands and they are all yonng.
They were all victims of domestic abuse and they all suffered extreme physical violence at the hands of their husbands up until their deaths.
Because of societal assumptions, mindset and religious bigotry they all open their eyes and watch as they all died.
We use to think the reason many women stay in abusive marriages is because  they don’t have their own money and they can’t run back to their father’s house….
Let me shock you!!!
All these  women   were all independently and financially well to do. They all had their own money and they were all richer than their husbands.
They were all equally educated and relatively exposed; everything you know about domestic violence, they knew much more!
But yet! Yet! Their lives were ended by the dead-beat men they chose to love!
If a man  hits you once, he will definitely will hit you  again and again and again. And if you make excuses for him the first time, you will see yourself making excuses for him, over and over and over again.
many women live with the mindset that, Maybe one day he will change, but until then, leave! Because he won’t change if he keeps seeing you to punch.
He can only change when you leave him! So, leave now! Carry your bag and go. Just go! And don’t come back!
Under the flyover is better than a inside the casket.

1, Man identified as Ugochukwu Joseph who, Strangles his fiancee, Evelyn Alifia, in the Lugbe area of ​​Abuja, Evelyn shouldered the financial responsibilities of Ugochukwu.

2, MC Bonus , identify as Emmanuel Chigozie  beats pregnant wife to death over N2.7m she loaned him

3, Rivers pastor Amadi arrested for allegedly killing wife

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