Multiple award-winning singer and social crusader, Folarin Falana fondly referred to as Falz, has taken to his social media account to express his displeasure over the curfew imposed by the Lagos state government.

The singer in a video on his verified Instagram account made it known that the protest was not over. He stated that the people would continue with the #EndSARS protest once the curfew is lifted.

He captioned the video with these words, “We will continue to reiterate that this movement started as a peaceful protest and we have continued to protest peacefully all around the country. All attempts to discredit our cause will not be tolerated. #EndSARS protesters have not and will never perpetrate any form of violence.

“In the light of all the thuggery going on, and the curfew imposed in Lagos state, it is important that we all stay safe rather than lose more lives. We are still adamant about our demands and this is just HALF TIME!! We shall be back once the curfew is lifted. If you are not in Lagos state, please continue to peacefully amplify our demands in all ways! We can never be silenced!! #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #5for5.”

However, in the video, the singer further reiterated that the #EndSARS protest has been peaceful. Falz stated that the curfew only showed that the government has once again failed its citizens by their action and by using thuggery to silence Nigerians.

The activist said, “From the very beginning we have continued to emphasize that all #EndSARS protests are peaceful and they continue to remain peaceful till date. The government has introduced some unscrupulous elements to try and discredit our cause but it can never work and once again we have seen signs of a failed government. A government that has told us that they are unable to perform their function. They are unable to carry out their duties.

He continued, “There is a law a call the Electoral Act. There is a particular section of that law that states that commissioners of police in every single state must deploy adequate security to make sure that there is peace in any form of political rally across the country.

“Guess what? Lagos state has just imposed a curfew telling us that they are unable to control the violence. Guess what? The curfew can never be forever and once you lift this curfew, we are back.”

Falz seized the opportunity to make some suggestions to make the protest more organised when the state government lifts the curfew.

“This is my humble suggestions for when we come back out. I suggest we have our designated grounds of protest so that we know that in each state, this is where we are going to. In Lagos state, we report to this place or that place; even if it is just one place. The more we are together, the harder it is for them to pin anything on us. We know that when we are at our designated ground of protest anybody found anywhere else perpetrating any form of violence must be arrested and brought to book,” he said.

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