Terrorists Deceived Buhari Government – Garba Shehu

Mr Shehu, told BBC Hausa that the government granted the leader of the bandits his request for the release of his pregnant wife, “but they came up with other requests”. deceiving presidency.

He stated that the terrorist leader demanded the release of his pregnant wife. The government took her to the hospital and she gave birth to twins. He was shown that his wife and children are healthy and they were handed over to his parents,

Speaking on the government’s efforts, Shehu said: “Anyone who says that the government is not doing anything or has not done anything does not know what contributions we are making to fight for their freedom. Don’t forget since this thing happened, the leader of the abductors said his concern was to get his pregnant wife out of the security mess she was in.

“Nigerian government took her to the hospital, she delivered twins and he was shown his twins’ health alongside his wife and was handed over to his parents thinking that the government had done a well-done job.

“After this, they brought a new request that there are about six to seven of his boys in Yola with the hope that if they were released, they will free all abductors in their custody. The outcome was that they said they needed money. So, nobody should say that the government is not doing anything,” he said.

The information comes hours after President Muhammed Buhari on Thursday met with the relatives of more than 60 passengers who were kidnapped in March 2022.

During the meeting, Buhari stressed that his government will not use force to rescue their relatives, saying “My primary concern is to get everyone released safe and unhurt.

At least 31 abducted Nigerians are still being held by the kidnappers.

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