Tears as Deborah Samuel was buried, our children won’t attend school again, say Deborah’s parents.

The remains of Deborah Samuel, who was burnt to death in Sokoto, on Thursday, over alleged blasphemy, have been laid to rest, she was buried in her home town, Tunga Magajiya, in the Rijau local government area of Niger State.

Tears flowed freely as she was being buried as well-wishers and relations lamented how she was killed. She was buried around 6:30 pm at the Christian cemetery in Tunga Magaiya.

Her family remained adamant about proceeding with the exercise despite protests by youths of Tunga Magaiya who felt the Sokoto Government should have been responsible for her burial.

Her uncle, who is the Pastor of ECWA in Tunga Magajiya, Emmanuel Maaji, led the prayers at the cemetery before she was lowered to mother earth.

Deborah’s mother, Aileri Emmanuel, in an interview with a journalist, said she would never send her remaining seven children to school because of the gruesome killing of her daughter,

On his part,  Oladeji said the incident was evidence that Nigeria should not have been removed from the US list of countries that violate religious freedom.

“When a woman was killed in Kano, we cried out but nobody listened. When a preacher was killed in Kubwa, we cried out but no one listened. When you refuse to cry out, these killings will continue.”

Emmanuel Garba, Deborah’s father, in an interview on Sunday, said he paid N120,000 to transport the remains of his daughter from Sokoto State to Niger State.

Garba, who said he would not seek any legal redress, disclosed that the government had not contacted him despite the gruesome killing of her daughter.

He stated, “I have yet to get a call or message from anyone concerning the incident. Nobody called me; I decided to go on my own.

I went to the state CID (Criminal Investigation Department) office and begged them to help me get the corpse so I could bury it because leaving it there might make it decompose. Then they took me to the mortuary, did some paperwork and released the remains to me.”

“I was the one who paid to transport the remains. I was charged N120,000 which I was forced to pay because that was the cheapest I got as the  majority of people don’t like transporting corpses.”

Garba, a security guard with the Niger State Water and Sanitation,  said his wife had fallen ill, adding that she had just finished receiving injections.

He also stated, “We are not seeking redress in any court over the killing of our daughter. We are firm believers in Christ who always leave everything in the hands of God. No vengeance, nothing. Everything is left to our creator.

“We don’t want anything (from the government) but it is just unfortunate that we used all our resources to send her to school and now she is dead. She was my eldest child and I have seven others left.”

Her mother, Alheri Emmanuel, who broke down in tears, said, “I have no demands; I don’t want anything but one thing I know is that my children will never go to school again.”

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