The divorce application rate of Abuja was made open because is an open community but some state in Nigeria could have more divorce application than Abuja.

An Abuja-based lawyer identified as Annebrafa, on 21 Feb raised an alarm on his twitter handle, he said that there are 4000 divorce applications in Abuja already in the year 2020 – The lawyer lamented that it is really much considering that the year is barely two months old – Annebrafa also said that some of the marriages seeking legal separation are not up to a year old,  Marriages call for hard work as it takes a lot from both parties involved to make things go well and make it work. Perhaps, this is what some people see when they say that a good marriage is an achievement. While it is a better choice to go separate ways when things no longer work to avoid Stabbing or life-taking, a broken marriage is a dent, a mark that something serious must have gone wrong or that both partners were just never ready from the bingeing. probably they were filled with the fantasy of marriage which after the wedding day could not coherent with the realities of ground. stabbing,

Unfortunately, Lagos divorce application for the year 2020 as at 21st Feb 2020, tops that of Abuja by 500,000, a reliable source from the Lagos judiciary prefer anonymous reveal to ous Corospodant that as at 21th Feb. 2020 they already have 900,000 application but because of Laos is a community-based society with many Elite families involve who would pay anything to protect their family names and that of their children, it makes it difficult to get accurate data, this is always a scared document to be made public.

So if just Two states can give us 13,000 divorce application within 2months then we are in?????? Your guess is as good as mine.

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