We complain about our national problems and challenges,

But that’s all we do, we still follow the same set of people who created the same problems and eulogize them to high heavens, just because we are hungry, what every Nigerian thinks about is what to eat now, (immediate gratification) today, today, how to live, to survive now, why some are busy oppressing others at the moment, ones one is comfortable, what others go through is not his or her business, each and every one of us, is doing what he or she is doing for personal and selfish interest, no one looks at posterity sake, life without him or her, none have spirit or love for patriotism in any of us.

Because of each and every one of us, want to build castles on earth. hmmmmmm!

For the sake of today’s or tomorrow’s favor in mind, basics we are blind/close our ears, we take in a lot, we swallow shits, we should not offend them, is all about [WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME] survival of the fittest, then we aid them to unseat us on basis, we all are guilty as well. YES! me, you, are all guilty.

It was said that nations are destroyed not by people who do evil, but by people who watch and do nothing or say something about the evil, the evil doors in Nigerian are merely 30% by percentage, but 70% of us on daily basis watch them with keen interest ( we are the worst) do those evils without saying or doing anything,so don`t ever tell me you are not part of this evil, you areaaaa!

funny enough, some of that 30 % will realise it soon, what they are doing and repent.

Why you are still spending the crumbs from their tables, you and I will pay for their sins, {all join together} congratulations my people.

Don’t even tell me you are not part of this Nigeria problems, both Nigerian’s at home and in Diaspora, everyone is working on his or her own interest, is a personal thing, look closely at their/our argument, topics, discussion and deliberations, the undertone motives will surprise you.

What and what have you done to salvage your people situation now that you want to claim you are not a criminal, tell us?

We lack the depth and originality of whom we are,(we are crowd followers) our level of thinking is the same. Since no one among us can rise beyond the level of their or this thinking, we have remained at the same level with our national anthem ‘ WHAT CAN WE DO” DISTURBING GOD WHO has finished creating us and gave us a brain so he can rest, but no! what you hear, from every Nigerian every time and day, is GOD WILL HELP US, YES! GOD already has helped us………….but we as individuals as nations have refused to help ourselves.

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