Sit-at-home:Total compliance in 5-South-East States as markets, banks, school shut-down.

Commercial activities and vehicular movements were paralysed in 5 south-east states metropolis, on Monday, in compliance with the sit-at-home order declared by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to honour fallen heroes who died in the struggle for Biafra.

All the markets in major cities like Enugu, Owerri etc and their environs, banks and parks were shut down as there was no vehicular movement.

All the schools scheduled to reopen for the third term today remained shut even as some private schools which had already resumed for the third term before now in the state were also closed.

Our correspondent, who monitored the exercise, also observed that most private hospitals were closed except those that had inpatients.

The Nation also gathered that roads were deserted as no vehicle was seen around the popular roads.

However, there were security operatives patrolling the city in a show of force to ensure that nobody breached the law.

Some other security operatives were stationed at various areas to ensure compliance and protection,

Most ever-busy roads and streets were taken over by youths who converted them to football pitches, our correspondent observed.

Apart from the youths playing football, it was also observed that people were afraid to be seen in clusters for fear of being attacked.

Residents who were seen trekking on the streets were identified by our reporter as those searching for food vendors, as most of them did not envisage the compliance to be total.

A few others were seen trekking to their various destinations as there were no commercial vehicles, motorcycles or tricycles to convey them to their various places, while a few private vehicles were moving around without any hindrance.

Some resident we spoke with along the road of south-east Nigeria described the sit-at-home as an annual ritual where every Biafran, anywhere in the world, would respect and honour those who fought and died for the freedom of the people.

“We are observing the sit-at-home. This is not the first time. But it is the first time it is becoming a huge success.

So, it is an annual exercise in Biafraland. We want to honour our dead heroes for dying to liberate us”.

According to him, “What is the need of going out and when there is a problem, the police will come and arrest the innocent people framing them up or killing. So, it’s better that I stayed at home and avoid their problem”

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