Why not, if is okay for you, why not, but if is not, why should you?
I have always read about the golden rules which say “do to others as you would want them to do to you”, but growing up from a child to a girl and into a lady that I am now I have come to realise that with personality our wants varies in life.What appease to you might not really appeal to me, what bothers you might not be bothering me, what takes a center stage of your life might not take a center stage of my life, what you stay awake all night bothering/thinking about, I might not make a wick over it, what you pursue might totally be different from what am pursuing irrespective of societal crush that every one of us chase on a daily basis unknowingly. shadows I call them.
As our joy varies our sadness varies too by individuals, contributing factors of those things that affect this level of life, things or behaviour, apart from inner personality, are our culture, religion, relationship, environment, and educations then our personal decision.
So with this, I no longer live on” Do to others as you would want them to do to you because what you fancy as a person might be a rebuff to others,
Haven sees people this way or in this direction, I now see people with the phrase of” Treat others as they would want to be treated. Honestly, when you treat, people the way they want, to be treated, they could give you their all in all, funny duo but is truth
Someone just asked me, how do I get to know how to treat everyone, yes you might not know how to because you are not for everyone but for those you are for, you will surely know how to treat them but for others, just be yourself, that’s the best way simply. you might not agree with me, but have you ever walk into a group of people with a friend of yours and you notice your friend walking up to everyone trying to get along with everyone and you just walk straight to your seat, the truth is that some people will like or hate your style, why others will see her/him as over doing it or enjoying her/him. The truth is that both of you are right, no two people will behave alike, mind you, invariable all you need to excel in life is to be yourself. do those things that make you comfortable, remember is your life for them, not their life for you, and we should celebrate our differences.Don’t ever do because they say is the right thing, do it because is okay for you to do, and you are doing it with sincerity of thought, shake people ,smile for real not that you must shake or smile same goes to greeting, smiling, relating etc, remember you are not a TV, that must always make it look real, even when is not real. let people know you for who you are so when is not you, they can easily say. no this is not her/him. So people will know when you need help and stop giving us fake 36, I hate it., let me tell you most times people know that those 36(teeth shining ) are fake and it actually makes you look ridiculous.
Remember by nature we are free to feel good and bad, they are all part of life and cannot avoid them no matter what. it is trying to avoid this feeling that takes away our real nature from us, only try to be in control of your life, don’t allow your life control you. you are the owner of your life, be in charge
so make the move if you are comfortable with it, remember risk is part of life.
Let’s shun this pretence and live our life. we will become happier in life and have a better society
our mindset is where the power is. thanks for stopping over, coming.

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