Group of women’s rights advocates have criticized President Muhammad Buhari for failing to fulfil his promise of 35 per cent female representation on his list of ministerial nominees which he promised then during the time of the election.

with this promise and action, one will begin to wonder if Mr. president is still bent on fulfilling his word that women actual belong to the kitchen and za other room.

The President Muhammad Buhari Campaign Organization, during the 2019 election campaigns, had promised 35 per cent participation of women in the Federal cabinet. but obviously, the case is different as only SEVEN women managed to clinch the ministerial ticket.

Buhari’s  categorically promised women and youths equal involvement on his flight into the next navel but the story has to change or is changing, BUHARI campaign organization, in a document titled ‘Next Level Roadmap,’ had said, “To achieve 35 per cent in female appointments, more youth appointment on boards, special mentoring programme in governance with young graduates working with ministers and other senior government appointees.”

However, out of 43 nominees for ministerial positions, there are only seven women on the list.

They are: Sharon Ikeazor, Zainab Ahmed, Gbemisola Saraki, Ramatu Tijjani-Aliyu, Sadiya Farouk, Mariam Katagun and Pauline Tallen.

The Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Women Trust Fund, Mufuliat Fijabi, in an interview with our Correspondent, expressed disappointment over the number of women on the list.

Fijabi stated that it was preferable to have had at least 35 per cent representation of women.

She said, “So far, we’ve seen a few names of women on the list and we’re not very happy, because the number of women is not what we expected from the President.

“We would have preferred a situation whereby at least 30-35 per cent of the list is made up of women giving that these women are the real people who worked during every election and campaign.

The attitude of women being good for the campaign process, but not good for policy-making should be looked into.

Obviously, the Nigerian government is not practising the inclusive democratic system of Government they promise the people but who can they ask?

Maybe you, yes the reader!

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