Seun Kuti speaks on shooting at Ikeja.

Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, son of Nigerian legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has opened up concerning allegations of assault and pulling out a gun at unarmed citizens in Ikeja, Lagos state.

According to reports, Seun had threatened and beaten up some people with a gun around Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Reacting, the singer took to his Instagram page to give details of the event saying that there were gunshots because one of the bouncers from a party threatened his life.

He said: “I don’t make new friends, I don’t go for events because I don’t vibe with the conversation and stay away from everything in my little lane but people keep testing and trying me.

“What happened yesterday, one woman came to invest in our street and built a hotel, they held a party and cars blocked the streets and the entrance of my house.

“Selfish people, they did not notify me and started a party at 9 am with loud music, I tried to sleep by force with the noise but couldn’t and the party went on till 7 pm.

“I decided to leave my house, time to leave I could not come out of my gate because cars from party goers blocked the entrance. I tried to get their attention and nobody answered for 20 minutes.

“One man that parked came to his car and was arguing with me so I slapped him, later as I was leaving another car blocked the street after it ran out of fuel while waiting in my car one of the bouncers from the hotel came to meet me and threatened my life.

“He said he would come to the shrine and treat my fuck up that’s when the fight started, we beat them up with bare hands. There were gunshots because you cannot threaten me in my hood.

“If the government likes they should come and arrest me but no one should come to my house without an arrest warrant from the court. Nobody can victimize me, its either you beat me and I will go down fighting.

“What if somebody was dying and wanted to move out of the house/street immediately? We can’t leave our homes because some people want to make money for themselves and have no regards for humans. If you cannot think communally and put fellow human beings into consideration when taking action then, you’ll bear the consequences.”

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