. Mr. Ego

When I think of Mr. Ego, I think of a seemingly smart guy who cannot accept his own flaws. He is confident, very decisive, and may feel as if the world revolves around him. In a “debate” he may argue with you just to prove his point. Being right feeds his need to be perceived as intelligent (eye roll).

Even though he may want to be with an accomplished woman such as yourself, his large ego may hinder the ability to foster a relationship that consists of respect, equality, and effective communication. This man thrives off constant compliments and will try to one-up you given the opportunity. He lives by “I’m not cocky, I’m confident.” He’ll never admit it but Kanye is secretly one of his role models.

Be with someone who wants to get to know you, listens to your daily ramblings about life, and is secure enough to not need constant ego-stroking. A good partner is a complement, not a competitor.

While we all have flaws, the bottom line is, it’s important to recognize red flags to avoid finding yourself in a toxic or frustrating situation. A good partner brings out the best in you. If he’s broke, childish, in need of attention, or has mommy issues, he lacks the maturity you need to be in a healthy and thriving relationship. Trust me, you’ll appreciate this advice in the long run. Here’s to dating safe and more importantly dating smart in 2021.

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