If you seal it off, business stops, both parties are at lost,  with our Africa mentality is cool, evil mindset.


We should have a better way of penalizing the offenders rather than running up to seal off factories, companies, houses etc which will in return affect  the economy and  life pattern of our people then putting more pressure on the  economy and society, but because we are an insensitive society  with so many faceless policies, we don’t put into consideration the effect of the seal  on our people before sealing it off.

Many Africa countries cry that the Government don’t have their interest at heart, they lamented of living a life base on their own struggle, that they have the culture of proving for yhemselves,  their own power, water, road, food, shelter, health service etc still pay tax to Government that is not doing anything for them,  but the over taxation by Government who don’t care about the well being of its citizens is really discouraging and is not motivating many people to  pay the tax, which many people see as an extorting, robbing  pual to pay peter, they collect from them to live an extravangant  lifestyle.

Mr Lawal, who spoke with us at the venue of this seal off exercise in Lagos,

said he has traveled around the globe, that most developed countries that most African countries  emulate or model  taxation paying after have a good system and cares for their citizens, that their people have right to question what their money is used for and no one will come after them or kill them for talking, nothing like taking too much like we always have in Nigeria/Africa or wanting to know more,  he pointed out that in developed world, majority of their citizens get assistance from Government to build business,  but in Africa, Nigerians to be pricise, people  single handedly build companies/ business and before you say jack the Government agency comes, demanding for you to pay tax, the point of the interview was  when he said that they don’t even care if you are making profit, they dont even know the state of your business or you borrowed money to start the business,they dont care to find out before taxing people, if you pay such tax they way they are demanding for it,  because that is all they want, before you know it,  your business will colasped go down, unfortunately, the same Government will not care about your well being unlike those developed countries they talk about.

In developed countries  if you don’t have job/ work you have centers you can go and eat free food or where you can get free shelter its all depends on the type of food and shelter you desire, but at least there’s something but in Africa You  (he started pointing at me, see me gbege!  tell me three centres a hungry person can get free food or free shelter as if am A Government official, pls sir am just doing my job, for good governance,  I told him.

And he said well, that is why companies come and go , you find out that many businesses in Nigerian don’t last long,   over taxation, and no preference as a Nigerian or Africa, if you are well connected in this country be you a foreigner,  do you know you can do your business without hurdles, that is how bad it is.

In Qatar, the rate for citizens tax is different from a foreigners rate in doing business there, but here is not, why are we even Nigerians,  why seal off?  is it the best way, can’t you help them run the business, if not for their selfish interest at least for the benefit of your citizens to have a good life.

our Government should go and develop land that is lying  empty  and make money and stop drinking peoples blood from taxation is becoming too much and is killing when you don’t do anything for your citizen

Thank you sir, for your audience.

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