Change the way politics is been run in Nigeria, our mindset,mood, theory, and belive system that is the only way we are close to getting it right not by voting the right person, vote the right person the corrupt system that is already in place will corrupt them like we have always been having and will still have and there’s nothing you and I can do, all we  do is end up wailing like we have always been doing, to change the face, every Nigeria loving youths need to get involved if possible rascally and get it straight at once, step on toes.leave our confort zones, go hungar.

In Nigeria politics, we already have set down plans, modus-operandi on how things should be done, it’s done and has been doing, until Nigeria youths are ready to step in with full force, change the system-tweak the pattern, nothing will ever change, youths may not change it by taking positions like you can see posterss flying about, contest win, that is for I % out of 100% who will win at their first outing and those old system operators will change it for you, theres nothing you can do, but if we focus on changing the system, the system of Nigeria politics is our major problems, is so rotten.

if you like speak all the grammar, be all the tushing guy, like most technocrat/intellect who wish to rule do, by picking the people they speak with, people they talk to and relate to, forming their caucus,  the programs they grant audience to and the TV programs and channels they make appearance on, setting standard for themselves, the truth is that most Nigerians are not even comfortable with that your standard, they feel you are too high up for them, you need to get down to their level.Your motives might be right but with the system on the ground not long before you know it, you will be dead drawn in line with what is obtainable because you don’t want to be seen as a different one, you wish to fit in or they discard you.

No wonder the hypocrisy, pretenders always have their way, they are the ones that get to the peoples level when they need them and shut their door when they have gotten what they want because they know how to unity the populace when in need of the populace and divide them when they don’t need them, wicked leaders,,,.

Did  i hear you say, (But is not right!) who cares if is right or not, it’s a hungry Nigeria youths /women who are living on survival or a Nigeria man who wish to be identified with those who matters in the wicked society so as to have people to fight the injustice battle that is lined up, waiting to attack him every now and then. hahahaha.

Calculate the percentage of Nigerians who got into politics even with their intellect, experience, money and good motives but never get the ticket at the first time, some second and third some are even laughed out of the game because of their feeble nature, because they can’t withstand it, they make them queue for their turn, (buying Akara!!!) the common phrase is that you don’t just come and pick up position some people have been here before you, so wait for your turn, is now issues of mediocre and zones not competency hmmm that is the real system crying for change,change it now or you go no where,  if we want to change, major and critical reason why this needs an ugent change is because those who come with good motive as long as they wait they unconsciouly   get inducted into the corrupt system, by then they would have  spent money, time, emotions, and phyical strenght all they wait on that queue patiently doing is to recoup all they have lost, so change it and change your nation now.

You need a long walk to make them understand and to change the system, is not enough to have an ambitious but is a long work to change the system, change it now! so our ambitions can fly well. so I too can become first female president he laughs.

or we remain in the system were suffering majority feeds the few comfortable among them.

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