HMMMM, EVEN ME, HAVE HARD IT TIME WITHOUT NUMBER. AT A TIME I STOP MAKING resolutions, Let’s SAY IS INHUMAN, BOTH YOU, I, CAN STILL OVERCOME IT. I can see goals, flying here and there, but how many of this goals will be attained, not because God will not allow us to attain them, or that we cannot, or there are no available resources enough for us to attain them but!

It all starts with personality, the owner of our decision making, our staying power, our focusing power, our power of tolerance/persistent, then our desire of attainment of our desire as people/person so it can manifest.

The first point of every goal attainment is desire, we must develop an intense burning desire for that goals, for a truth, if we want to achieve them. only then can our desire become intense enough, which will energise us into achieving them,

How sleepless night do we get over  our goals, how restless do we become over our goals, how worried do you get over our goals, what legal length can you go in achieving your goals ,what are the things I am ready to give up on my goals to be attain, these things are very vital and necessary in attainment of our goals because is not going to be easy, setting goals is easy, everyone can set goals, but achieving it, is another thing altogether, because there are going to be a lot of obstacles on our ways.

As we set out to achieve them, some other things will set out to prevent us from not achieving them, they come in forms of humans, resources, society etc and other things waiting to help us achieve them as well.

Our staying power is very, very paramount in goals attainment, so as we journey on our path how ready are we internally  determined to achieve these goals, if we feel  we can, we can but if we feel we cannot, we can not

The end result of every goal is  success, funny enough  many of us make the mistake of living in expecting to enjoy the success then pay later, sorry dear, it is not that way, but in life, you must pay for your success in advance, any kind of life you want in future, you must pay for it now, big, small, medium large work for it, create it for yourself,  then you can enjoy it  later, you cannot get out of life what you did not give to life. That is why in African you find out that many of our rich people are mainly old people.

Many of us realise it so late, thank God for the realisation.

1, Many of us don’t know what we want in life

2, Many of  us  don’t know what we  want out of life,

3, Many of us are following the crowd, hmmmmm

I once had an interview with a billionaire and he told me that the secret of success is just two things and I was dumbfounded, as I stare at him, and my director was calling me, Beady, Beady, because he is the only person who understands the state of which I was then. If is just two things why is it difficult for people to achieved success.   I asked him what they are and he said they are;

1, know what you want in life

2, know the price you have to pay in achieving it and concentrate more on paying them, then when you are through paying them, no one, nobody can take away success from you, that is the law of life he said and I smiled.

So as we as are making our  Resolutions, as we get into the crush, we should endeavour to know what we want, and what we have to give up for it to be attained.

Good luck

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