Africans stops life by over regulating,  VIEWS OR UNVIEWS?

Before now we use to have few regulatory systems or body but today we have hundreds and thousands of regulations to deal with, placing a lot of road block, challenges and So many hurdles in the part ways of innovators, thinkers, creators, doers, Entrepreneurs and company owners  to have to deal with in getting to where they are going to or wish to get to, a way of making a society  a better place for you and me to live in.still, africans cry for unemployment!

If few Africans who called themselves leaders, could allow the majority of Africans whom they have nothing to offer and allow them an enabling environment,  things might get butter soon.

A lazy and wicked Government/society drives more on regulations, in the other way stopping innovation to the detriment of her societal development, to them , they have to checkmate the system, regulate them and direct  them, but their primary aim is to generate income( Revenue generation) because that is the only way, they know how to make money and build one or two people they chooses to build, their own people. that is the only way they can feed on, dull brain want to eat on working brain or on others who wish to liberate themselves.

Instead of the Government to look inward on what to do, encourage innovation  and make life easy and think of making good money through  good ways , they place the burden on their people, over taxation. Bills, charges etc.

Countries who understand how regulation slows down innovation are taking it slowly  on its people.

In life, is not every one that have the strong will to Keep on keeping, as long as others can or endure, when the  burden is too much on him/her, many have had it up or left the terrain. Tell me how many companies have folded up in your area, how many dreams could not see the days of the light, for those who cannot endure, they  give up to the detriment of many lives that is attached to have life through them. poor country unless you are ready to dance their dance steps. A country, where five is excelling among 100’s, is that county.

Until Africans, as individual are ready to do away with the Status quo, development might still be a thing of mirage  to us. Someone told me, we once had it, Oh no, we said it started from us, then what happened?

Our Nigerian Brothers from the eaten part who traveled to China with little fund unable to do businesses with big companies then in early  90’S could attest to this, that most of the products they brought to African where mostly produce at  family levels, by individuals and road side people whom their Government (China Government)  gave free hands to express themselves through what they can do, in the sense that, for you to buy a reasonable quantity of any product , then, you might need to buy from two to three families or people to get a reasonable quantity, that was one of the things that help or placed China where they are today, but start something in Africa today, every Dick and Harry  in the name to regulate comes after you. Things you need to do, to do what you can do stopped a lot of people. LIFE!

Some group of people who, Government  have empowered, who are seated somewhere, (in the comfort of their rooms), people that are brain dead, will stumble on you, asking you for this, for that, Government have been them power to regulate or guild you, will come after you, their major aim is to make money for Government through that enrich themselves, heartless generation.

Our Government  prefer you not running that business, undermining the positive effect that business is having on some people/ the society  now or thereafter than you running that business and some people who have nothing  to offer to  that individual or idea/businesses not to gain from it. Many of us gain from where we did not labor!

Look  at how our Agburo. Alaye , Danyiska, Omonile, Association, this group, that group, are living larger with or without nothing to lay Legal hands on, just because they are extorting from the wealth of other people and have the backing of the Government,you must appease them first before you can get to do one or two things with easy in my own side of the country.

If a man/woman who is not doing any thing is living large why should i work?

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