Redeem pastor suicide news is just one among much trending life taking among our young Nigerians and more yet to come if not well tackled, hmmm new culture indeed! my heart bleeds.

The said pastor was said to have taken his life for his inability to conclude his marriage plan, (LOVE RAN AWAY) which we gathered was cancelled and his inability to pay his rent, oh probably the area boys refused the dodo space under the bridge, if you live in Lagos you will understand better.

The dodo wedding was     stopped and no home, it can be breaking but not enough to end his life but am not him.

unfortunately Redeem church PRO       has taken to the media to exonerate themselves that the pastor is not  A redeemed pastor (their member) rather a visiting pastor, Excuse me!! did they just side that, oh  no wonder, the trending suicide is MORE, among the Christians YOUTHS, because of the nonchalant attitude of the  spiritual leaders, whose priority has changed, irrespective of denomination, the point am trying to make here is that he is a pastor,9GODS CREATION) who in one way or the other has been part of your ministration,              so coming to tell Nigerians his not your pastor does not make any sense nither exonerate you, he has been in your altar, feed your people with his gift, rather the action  of denying  him, has worsened things for redeemed family and show how insensitive the church and other spiritual jet buying leaders are, oh sorry, I just say that, don’t mind me, rather than looking out for the life God has given under their care, to care for, but has chosen affluent lifestyle. 

Yes because in that your bible it was said there are no jaws, there are no genders, every human should be treated as one,  that was what Jesus did and early missionaries did and we should model them well, not to discriminate, if i understand well, real Christian show love to every creature by God Christians and noon Christians.

I can write this without telling, how on your own part you have contributed to this growing new culture among us,

The societal set standard set to meet and when not mat, one is assumed or sees as a failure    even with the big masquerade, our social media, that  is awash with so many things enough for any person who lacks mental toughness/ emotional strength to take his/her life,  the daily post and  debates that go on, on our social media  leads to the depression, seeing that when not well-equipped mentally can lead anyone to anything.
Suicide rates are on the increase lately.

Once upon a time, suicide was something we often heard from the FAR countries of the world. we assumed is a white culture, white people issues – which most of us easily chalked up to the white man’s fragile makeup, while praising our own race as born to be impervious to adversities.
But here we are now, reading about youngsters lacing their drinks with pesticides, the almighty sniper,  over academic setbacks, lack of food, lack of love/care, or inability to fit into what you throw at them on social media, on a daily basis, oh, oh, just don’t sit there and tell me, you are not the course of his death and other young peoples death, oh you are, when you left your Parlow where your album is to be kept, and your shelve where your stories should be stored and have decided to be keeping it on our individual pages,  forgetting that, majority of the people on your page, lack many things you fluent around, not just flaunting it, but the way you fluent them, making them failures, oh let me remind you that WILL-POWER differs by people, so our young lads  who cannot endure, who has lost, HOPE AND FITH now decided to hang themselves after getting jilted by their girlfriend/boyfriends, not meeting up.
Manageable challenges that at a time if reported from the United States, left us wondering if white folks were okay, n in the head, such is now common among us and is in our immediate environments.
.So many people both old and young are getting schooled in depression and embracing our human side, I wish we don’t normalize depression in a way that makes it seems okay with us. secondly is really sad that most people are becoming very insensitive now, we are now living a self-life, rather than community life we are known for,  some are actually making the money to intimidate people, oh yes, most people make their money to get girls on their bed likewise  some of our women who feels with their money they can have any man they want on their bed, why that money is actually to assist people and take off depression from our people. Your understanding of our varying endurance limits shouldn’t be a reason to refute a bold truth, when someone calls on you bout what they are going through, try to give them a listening ear, please. give people sense of belonging, show care, more cares don’t really come with money but time, oh slow down and ask questions, it could help.
However, we’ve become so overly sensitive that it seems okay to fire back replies like,
Is a general issue, the nation is not easy with everyone, the economy is bad, Shut up, have you ever been depressed? Do you know what it feels like? Pray you don’t suffer it.” then you have pushed the person deeper into the depressing world.

We should know that this generation lacks mental toughness, emotional strength and strong will power to fight the battle before them, so is now everyone’s duty to fight depression together, learn to share without expecting gratification to save our country, depression is now among the highest killer in NIGERIAN,

Depression can set in when an individual feels, he or she is not meeting  up with life expectation mostly after attaining a certain age,

The youths are bold enough to snuff life out of themselves but our adult who is around you live and is a major death today. most people don’t want to be known to be depressed. depression is real.
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