Reasons WHITE MONEY Has What It Takes To Win BBNaija Season6.

BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes season 6  housemate Hazel Oyeze Onou, better known as White Money, is a 29-year-old entrepreneur hails from Enugu State, born in the north and residence in Lagos. like he will say am a real Nigerian.
He was born on July 6 1992, to his single parents in Enugu State, where he was raised among his siblings by his mother alone.

Sadly, White Money wasn’t born with a silver spoon, which made his journey through life a tad difficult, especially with his father’s absence.

You all know that saying, if you were born in Nigeria, life is leading you 1–0, and if your parents don’t have money, life is leading you 2–0, and if you were raised without your two parents life is leading you 0–0 Yes,
This was the reality of WhiteMoney whose life was leading by 0–0 and soon became 3–0 after his mother was forced to relocate to the City of Lagos in search of greener pastures.
In the beginning, the pastures were not so green, and his mother was forced to hustle hard. She began selling food to care for him and his siblings.
As time went on, WhiteMoney joined in hustling, He did many menial jobs to make ends meet, from opening a mama put to bathing, fixing generators, riding okada, Photographer and once ran a music studio. He was also once a barber, all because of husting.
White money life journey has been rough before coming to the Bbniaja house season 6 where he stood out with his Goodheart, fatherly figure and chef character in the house WHite money is popularly known as Mazi.

Why White Money is called Mazi, sugar daddy by housemates

1) He cooks for the house

It’s no news that White Money has been the one cooking for his fellow housemates.  For this reason, most of the housemates see White Money as a father taking care of his children and making sure they don’t go hungry.

2) He gives them advice when necessary

Many times, White Money has been captured advising fellow housemates on various issues or aspects of life: relationship, career etc. Some of them believe that White Money has passed through a lot in life and has gained experiences via his struggles. Recall White money saying, “Experience is the best teacher.”

3) White Money warn the heart of Nigerians and housemate when he returns love for hate after been attacked in the house by a follow housemate pere, an action that pere confessed change his life.

White money has a strong positive influence on viewers and housemates, he has displaced self-control what is not common among Nigeria men, by not giving in to many free captivating and sexy bodies thrown at him in the house, he also has shown that you don’t need eduction to be intelligent and humen.

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