With this crazy proposals trend and stylish wedding without considering the distance of this marriage journey glaring at us,

I wonder what we might see soon as the styles, keeps changing by time, day and hours, may the truth be told, am honestly enjoying myself o, with this proposal frenzy happening around without knowing what to expect next hahaha, I don’t know about you? just reasoning aloud! tell me where we have not had the proposal, lately was at a graveyard side, o yes! graveyard and she said yes as mourners turned to  chorus, say yes, I thought they were crying.

I grow up to hear that love is blind but honestly, with what is happening around us now, I think love is not only blind but is now crazy and at the same time heartless, o yes, my view, I still respect your honourable views,  thanks.

The trend of marriage proposals and its elder brother  ‘divorces’ in our society today and their ‘cousins ‘the increase of babe mama and babe papa, what else do you expect me to write about, one question I keep asking myself is, this, can it get any crazier, more heartless or? your guess is as good as mine.

O yes!, The Crazy aspect of it is the creativity around the proposals, the heartless is, who you love in the Morning you hate and despise in the afternoon, so soon hmmmm, so what is the correlation. ( pls tell me, if you know)

Guys and ladies are raising the bar of stylish proposals and wedding and its dance steps and the majority don’t want to be left out,   oh  ye! ye!! who wants to be the odd one, me too I want to trend too still yet, the majority are turning down huge proposals.

So honeypie, enough of thinking that she/he hangs out around you, her/he is mature means she wants to stay put with you, try to find out her/his space before the public proposal,  we still have many people who know what they want, even at gunpoint, irrespective of staying around you, you are just an instrument used to kill time, hahahahaha,  sorry you are not  the one, they don’t mind waiting all their life for the right one, how funny, but truth lol.

Gone are the days our men connect to us, ladies from their heart of heart and we the ladies feel it, Majority of what we do today is for social media trending, as long as it last, let’s enjoy it, oh my God.

I can’t write this epistle without making reference of a particular “WEDSAG” I call it, wedding proposal, its pre-wedding pictures,  (super) and wedding invitation (so lovely),  all online that almost broke the internet in 2017 from Oct just to wake up on 23rd of Dec our normal way of browsing the internet and what welcomed me online was sorry the wedding that is slated for 27th December has been cancelled, WHAT!! cannot hold and both party from their own angle, telling their stories and using words I can only use for an enemy I have not seen one on one, just in the space of two months, the truth is that that wedding never hold, one question I keep asking, were they in love before all those online paparizes, because if they are, no matter what, that wedding should not be called off because love conquers all things.

What do you expect when a good number of us are all after relationship for benefit now, for better we stay, for worst we separate?

The truth is that most ladies  crave for this stylish proposals, weddings even guys too and some guys are ready to give it without being attached to one another, what do you expect when most people just want to be in a relationship for fear of being alone, so walking down the aisle with the wrong person is easy. so most guys assume she is the right lady and the lady feels, he is the available guy, even when some don’t like it open, some feel they have been put on the spot and all you hear around her or even him because ladies propose now, o yes! but in rare cases, is say yes!, say yes!! even when she means to say no ,is not everyone that wants public things, some want it simple, couple, when such a person don’t have independent mind of her own or a man is already blinded by what he wants, cannot see if she truly wants him for keeps, but for the material things, he has been taking care of, oh my goodness.

Because our ladies are becoming emotionless and our guys are becoming harder, nothing moves them, not even your feelings, tears or pregnancy, is now a game of who can play, let’s play, then the child-ren are left to suffer what they know not about,

Just watching a summit on AIT today, it was said that 32.2 children are of single parents and study has shown that about 20percent of them will in return replicate their lifestyle, meaning has children the same way they had them, I did not say it, but is pure truth. let’s not deceive ourselves.

In a bit to try something different, as our guys are pulling all sort of stunts in their proposal games and our ladies getting all giggly in this trend of proposal making a headline news  around the glove, oh Nigeria to be precise, just to fit in to the crazy of this proposal trend ravaging us in Nigeria .i too will not be left alone, I took a trip, yes a trip to wed self, I said.

I personally,  asked a Kenyan friend bases in united states of American if this trend is the same there, His reply was really insulting rather than the answer that I seek, all the same, our primitive nature or what has a way of giving us out so easily. who do we then blame, oh sorry,  blame this picture of mine, who took me to register, nobody, I personally took myself and wed myself in bit to join the trend, so everyone is as guilty as I am, yes even you reading now!

Who will not have a decent conversation with that relative of yours, neighbor etc without reminding him or her that time is fast spent, showing him/her fin lines, wrinkle and how no one will care for them as they age, such magnitude decision has to be personal, no one has made you a judge, oh showing care of giving them responsibility that you will not be available to shoulder, so who is fooling who! that person you always ask when are you getting married, how many times, have you paid their bills or upkeep, hypocrisy.

Back to me my trip to wed myself! am trending am I not lol.

You can’t imagine how the court police were chasing me away from the premises, I sure got what I wanted this picture,  yes I did hahahaha crazy me you think. just how far many people go to propose or to answer name, MR, MRS just to fit into the societal standard.

Record should at least, have it that I  wedded in court, at least, I have tried small, pending when then, the Right man, Mr Right or any man in any position of my hand will come, that I will practically drag  him to my  right-hand side  to wed will come calling, as suggested by social media experts, just in bet to be called wify/Mrs., all the same don’t forget that that man must have L-O-V-E impended in him for him to be able to move me to walk along with him, irrespective of my-age, oh yes, that’s me, love I seek. and what do you seek.\

So if you are proposing make sure you mean it with everything in you,  and you that are saying yes, make sure you mean and stay ready to defend your proposal/ your yes when the chics are done because the time must come.

If not to trend and keep pretending is all good while is not well with you. soon we will start arresting defaulters of marriage lol

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