It was united state of America Innovative group senior partner, A business strategies Analysis who Stated categorically a striking statement that is very awakening truth to inspire and motivate many, but also mainly to re-redirect us as people and make us think Twice and think home.

In one of his trip to Africa in 2015, he made this statement that Africa is one of the best resourceful continents in the world, but the African largest (big) problem is leadership, lack of identifying with self ( their own) and positioning. he bears it that what skyrocketed Qatar country to one of the first richest countries in the world today is nothing but that they adopted the spirit of buying home, use home, promote the home, and appreciate their own no matter what, the condition, a reason to create and retain wealth within them, we Africans can do so too.

But my meeting Mr Lekan Olafajuone man who has taken it upon himself to re-position himself as a leader to celebrate now and in years to come, mainly in the printing/Brand industry in Nigeria.

THE CEO OF LEXOFT MEDIA LTD.  with head office in Lagos Nigeria.5 AGBOKU STREET  OPEBI IKEJA LGOS     09080906018

LEXOFT  did not the only position for greater African tomorrow, rather they did this positioning so as to position other companies, brands, individuals for opportunities in carrying out their goals in line with united nations vision  2020  of Nigeria being one of the world leaders country to come.

Lexoft , A Printing and  Branding organisation focus in creating an effective printing and website for your business to boost your sales leads and enhance your business for generation unborn.

Lexoft is one stop printing and branding company in Lagos   that  sees your vision with you, imbibe your passion alongside achieving your aim, this will enable them to walk the work with you, is it an  interface, design and experience, e-commerce or web development , a place to display company information online, consultation, look out for Lexoft media.

They are printing, web solution and brand company in Nigeria, there web design and development services help clients grow their presences online and in the real time working with company together.

there understanding that every website needs a professionally designed layout that is not only visually appealing but complementary to the company-specific brand and marketing objectives.

LEXOFT Team members of printing, web designs, software programs and graphics artist work together with your team member to take away the stress, disappointment, headache and traffic of Nigerian printing artisans and maybe that of  shomolu Marketers. With a touch on your keypad sitting comfortable in your offices or at home also helping you to improve your goals and increase profit to add to your clientele base.

Lexoft major aim is to change the face of printing and branding in African

But my big questions still remain, with our mindset of placing preference on international products/services over our local products and services will it allow LEXOFT achieve this great goal? someone just asked me, Beady what do you mean! what I mean is, that good number of our people, politicians still do their (BIG LARGE) printing abroad why lexoft can comfortably give them even more than their desire on a reduce price,

So why can’t we grow our business, grow our people, grow our economy and reduce unemployment by engaging this expert and millions of other experts in other sectors, let’s act like the QATAR, for once let’s imitate one good thing please.

LEXOFT  list of services includes







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