This Thing, With No Name:

What do we call it? What name do we give a ‘thing’ with no name?

Gradually I came to realise that a problem that has no name doesn’t exist right?                                   There is this important concept that nobody talks about. The single most important trouble we have once we start something new. Its goal is to stop us; Preventing us from finishing the race. Our dreams and goals are stopped half way because of this no name concept.  It’s strongest and at its peak in between the time we started and the time we are meant to finish our new project. Once we defeat perfectionism and all other odds and gods fighting against us it takes over. It doesn’t have a name or maybe I don’t know what is called. It’s not lack of concentration, or lost enthusiasm or even failure or lack of focus or clarity. It’s not lack of patience or discipline.

What could this be?

I have thought about it for over a year now. It equipped with all the above-mentioned concepts. Each and every one of those can stop even the most dedicated spirit. Each one of them, clarity, focus, concentration, patience, enthusiasm, discipline and even failure are very strong virtues and concepts one shouldn’t play with. They are more than words – The power to make things happen lies in those words.

But then, we got boredom, bored and boring.

Oh! What a terrible feeling of restless and lack of interests. Boredom is one word I never mentioned earlier that is as close as lack of discipline. Lack of any of those concepts can stop us depending on our individual makeup and nature of the project we undertake. Boredom seems to me as the symptom of this thing – this hell-born son of a devil that doesn’t allow us to go far in those things we dreamt for years and love doing. If lack of discipline is the spirit, boredom is the body.

Ok, maybe there is no word for it. Maybe we could just give it our individual names as we deem suit. At least we now know what it’s made up of and its symptom. Hopefully, watching any of that makeup and symptoms will help us figure out how to deal with it. I wish I could help tell you how to handle this in every situation and project you start but I can’t because am yet to handle this “thing”. What name will you give this concept and how do you deal with it from here henceforth? is entirely yours, as mine because I want you to excel in every field of yours because we have a cross path in life. yes, I now know you and you know me, because you have read this article, so succeeding is and must happen.

The truth like everything else, naming it does only solve 10% of the problem. It makes you aware of what is going on and factors to look out for. It provides neither solution nor energy at all to keep going.

So, how do we deal with this?It’s a “win some lose some” kind of situation. We will never win all our battles. I believe no one has ever done that – succeed and finish everything he started. The point is to win battles and wars that matter(s). Keep your eyes open to this force(s) and symptom and use will power to sustain. And you will be just fine.

It’s that simple; start by giving it a name. What has no name doesn’t exist right? Wrong.



Knowing what I know:  repetition of mistakes.

one think you should keep in the back of your mind, is doing your best, no matter how small it might look to you, let me tell you that you are making a difference ok, it might not be visible. so keep flying.

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