This thing our society has so much taken in, so much that even our girls, women, men starting from their childhood days, have come to so much believe in it so much like life depends on it. have you heard the word that you will be address the way you dress, it has brought competition in the outside looks.  I remember a friend of mine ones asking me, she said, do you remember that book we read in our secondary school days, that was in the 90’s “Beautiful once are yet to be born”, hmmmm, I blush! I said yes, yes, I enjoyed that novel very much, oh my God, my yo, my yo, (can u still remember one of those novels that made your stay in school those days).

She paused and said, Beady honestly am happy I witnessed the birth of those beautiful ones she painted and am happy am even among that beauty ones, she flaunt what her mama gave her and she said are you not happy you are part of it, that generation of beautiful girls.Don’t mind that my friend, she can be naughty most times, I smile yet, i thank God, am happy but like an unpause, something struck me and I asked her why did you say that, she said the way the writer presented that novel, that she thought she won’t witness it, oh my God, immediately I switched off into another realm for what you are reading now, call me whatever, is your choice ha ha haha, funny you.obviously with our almighty make overs, makeup artist etc, no woman can afford to be ugly these days base on our definition of ugly.

I paused and thought of the recent reoccurrence in our present day society and what our women have come or should I say society, which one do you think I should say, society abi, because we all are in it together, yes, correct guy, gee!  Which is. That our physical beauty matters more than our inner beauty, yes, they make us believe that our physical beauty gives room to our inner beauty then many of us in a bit to create that physical beauty forgets how important our inner beauty is or matters. Many women spend fortunes and years on the physical beauty, forgetting the major thing, tell me how daring that sparkling picture of her, she use to attract you on social media, how many likes and comments she got, even some of our guys use ladies picture as their display pictures, DP, what is she saying please drop that pretence ok and let’s cruise along,I can’t do it alone, lets go! he smiles., how do i know is he, ok her love, lets go.

look, most  people who have it don’t flaunt it ok, know it, but because they know what you want or what you are looking for, they give it to you repeatedly and before you say Jack, you buy into it always before you know it, you are hooked, sorry dear, your longer throat, throated you into it (sorry for my choice of words)

They feed us with it, from home to the last point starting from our point of view, that physical beauty is more important to our inner beauty, virtually every angle, television, movies, music, magazine, books, advertisement, newspapers and even in our religious setting and our homes, the types of pleasantry comments  some of us get against our siblings, makes us believe that what matters most is the physical  beauty and the beauty they teach us is the physical beauty for some of us who reads the bible, we were told that it was the attractiveness of the fruit  at the garden, that got Eve’s attention making us believe how attractive we will be, will determine how sellable we will be, am not saying we should not take care of our selves, but in the bit of taking care of ourselves many of us forgot to take care of our inner beauty focusing more on the physical which is ruining our world.

Wait o, have you ever been asked to dress well so you can attract a man for yourself, funny world, they only remember your character when you have unknowingly dished out uncultured character out. Even the men themselves, remembers your character after your looks has disappointed them, they accept her first before the check in the inner beauty, why many girls/guys lay claims of heartbroken oh my God, so what do we think we are doing, ok you don’t know, I will tell you, we are laying emphasis on the physical beauty than the inner beauty.

Many women don’t even remember the inner beauty again, to them is not important, the important thing is what they see, Project it to them, sorry for this men generation, forgive me please.but you self, help your self Nah, na waoh, must you?

So many of us, women are more concern in packaging, our emphasis is more on external appearance, full of lies, because we know the packaging sells and to worsen the situation we even learnt that our buyers, prospective customers are more interested in the brand, package before considering the content, why so many relationship life spans have shortened or don’t last.i said so many people are empty .

Who then, should we now blame,

The society who let them know that their physical beauty is more important, not telling them that two goes hand in hand, one cannot work perfectly without the other in and out or

The women so solely believe in and are living all their life concentrating on the physical beauty or

The buyers who got a sweep off their foot on the physical beauty remember in any product, if there is no buyer there will not be a supplier, so two are intertwined in these, so be my judge.

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