“Delay is the deadliest form of denial.”

So have you noticed it, Some folks are almost perfect, you, you are?  WAIT!! Don’t rush to say no until i finished unfolding my findings. There is a chance you are from my perspective. First, what is perfection? Let’s forget what we already know about it. Forget what the dictionary says it means and don’t bother connecting to the idea that God is perfect and we are not God. So what is it then? At 21, I was very ambitious. I attempted making no mistakes at anything. Yes, anything. I had a motto then: “A Year of No mistakes”. My perception of perfection was the absence of obvious and reasonable mistakes or failure. I did a lot to succeed with that theory and motto back then when life looks so simple,easy, sweet.with little but small to bother us.

So did I succeed with that? Yes, I did (laughs). hahahahaha, was it a boomerang, ANSWER THAT PLEASE!

Well, I succeeded just in one thing – I mastered perfectionism. Then after, I graduated to blunders. Terrible blunders. And now you wonder; why would someone who consciously and seriously decides to make no mistakes in life, end up with blunders?

Well, now I know why.

How? It basically comes down to this: the decision (conscious or not) to be perfect or wait for perfect conditions (to start anything or do anything) leads you to two dead ends and one unlikely outcome. As I get older, I begin to see clearly the effect of the three outcomes but one is specifically very dangerous. Extremely dangerous that it should be avoided. Which is?

  1. Great blunders.
  2. Perfectionism
  3. Perfection (extremely unlikely).

Blunders are ok. Everyone, I mean everyone makes mistakes. Perfectionism – one of the greatest diseases of the African/Nigeria state or i should call cuture. It has dealt with me, us the most.  The biggest mistakes, we, I made were not the things I did wrong, but the ones I didn’t attempt because I wanted perfect conditions before I could start, then iended up not starting.  I waited for all light to turn green before I move, forgeting that most life is life is like automated doors,that can only open at your presence.  This is the biggest problem of those who see themselves as not perfect but want perfect conditions before they do anything. Like the African/Nigerian people, we can’t fight corruption until everyone who stole from our treasury  from the year 1900 dead or alive is listed as suspects and convicted. We can’t build functioning hospitals, good schools anywhere unless we build it in all local government in our local areas. Is this a right decision? No, it’s impossible and not realistic.  Perfectionism is more killing in life than doing the wrong things. If there is any “sin” we commit often in life- it is waiting for perfect beginnings and we end up not starting.  I Am so guilty of this and also you.

So you noticed, eh? Those who say they are not perfect are usually the ones waiting for perfect conditions to do anything. To start businesses, get married, get the extra degree, lead,socialize etc. whatever!!! They are smart, the first class students, the brightest…Oh! Don’t have enough money, have not met her, and don’t have enough time, excuses, and excuses the worst is that they still have a way of standing on the way of others who want to move. Is no surprise that those we are better in school turn out to be the leaders and captains of industries?  Among other things stopping us – perfectionism is top 5. Perfectionism isn’t hard-wired, it’s learned. This means we can unlearn it too, with these methods.

  1. AM PERFECT – Perfect? Who cares if I can do things the way I want them. My own idea of perfection (not literal meaning though) is that with time I can be EXTREMELY good at something (whatever it is)  if I can get myself to get started.  This requires that I choose whatever I do carefully.  Passion is required to keep motivation when your faith is tested. perfection comes by doing what you want to do and keep doing it.
  1. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM  REQUIRED – Everything worth doing will demand time, money and all manner of the resource at varying degrees. Can I come up with the bare minimum? Should my focus be on gathering these resources required? I said minimum because there is usually a minimum – waiting for every piece of the puzzle is perfectionism. You end up not starting if you do.
  1. Stick to a time budget – Procrastination is so often a symptom of perfectionism. I usually set time limits on how long tasks take. It’s ok if it takes more time than you set – failures and delays are not the problems. The idea is for you to get started before the time you set elapse.

So you noticed, Perfection is not the absence of mistakes or failures (am not speaking literally) but rather being extremely good on something that we used to be mediocre at. Start things that we love doing that seem very hard initially. So are you perfect? Will you want to be perfect? Who cares?

Start those things you really want to do and see how those imperfect conditions change. Get started for those who wait for perfect beginnings never start. you might wait the whole life, so start now.



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