Our Leadership Today Is The Reflection Of Who We Are.

What we see in our leadership today is just the reflection of who we are as people.

Yes!Who we are, but many will argue it, but that is who we are, including me, if you have the opportunity other corrupt Politicians, leaders, imam, pastors, CEO, bankers, human traffickers, etc have, honestly, many of us will do exactly what they are doing or even do more.

An average Nigeria Prayer point is for him, friends or relatives get to the seat of power of money so they can enrich themselves,

The concern of an average black men/Nigerian is not for the right person to get to power, but for his own person to get to power so they can benefit from Gov money. this is because integrity is far from us as people.

Consider also what integrity means to you as a Nigerian and why it matters. am sorry to inform us, that integrity doesn’t matter to an average Nigeria because “we are human”, that’s our excuse”  Integrity has been defined and described in many ways, but there is one idea that has stuck with me: A person’s integrity is a matter of the value of his or her word, nothing more and nothing less. Do our words represent us, no!

If you keep your word for every task, large or small, people will naturally trust you but an average Nigerian don’t care about peoples trust, as long as he’s making money, the reason our government don’t care about believability, after all, they know a way to get our votes, .

Responsibility and trust create credibility, which then makes the conditions ripe for leading people towards achieving common goals.  If you break your word — to yourself or to another person, you apologize and figure out a way to fix the problem you might have created by breaking your word, but in a society like ours, we can not accept our mistakes, we always appear to be perfect, have you forgotten our parents where super bings who got grade A’s in school, the reason our government are buried in mistakes over mistakes to cover mistakes rather than apologising that is who we are.

We are our own problem! 99% of Nigerian is a liar, scammer, cheater, fraudulent. prostitute, guy etc.

Can we for once say the truth just on this post, here through your comment, it can make a change, who knows.

What, APC, PDP, Buhari, lie Muhammed, Femi Adesina, Loreta Anoche tells us on a daily basis is what we do in our respective homes and closet, Not because, the light is not shining on us, and we pretend to be the saint all the time.

They are Nigerians, and they represent us.

Just online here, the majority of us, hate some people, not for anything but because they say the truth, to us, they are a threat to us, cannot be controlled or be used, even coaxes into doing our bid in influencing post, ideas, we just want to cover things, bury issues and pretend we don’t know, why we know, is that not what we see in our leadership today, that is who we are.

Our home front, The lying we see today in our society starts from home when our parents will tell us to tell the visitor he/she is not around, many parents can kill, their children have killed, abort, defraud people, switch children, roles and position, stop love, cheat, get into exams-malpractice, Just to elevate their children and protect family names, this action, does it not ring a bell to what we see in our leadership today, that is who we are.

Our Leaders, religious leaders, CEO, etc, read from the verse of the  Quran and bible to fit and justifies their personal want and need through their teachings, is no longer the selflessness services God promised us, they have mentally colonized people who they have In their palms.

To our cooperate world it is what is in it for us/me, so we have  been groomed to live for the benefit, not for humanity and selfless services the world is designed to Operate on.

Is no longer news that religious centre/corporate centres drive in monopolizing, each of them, wants or wish to be the centre of cynosure so they can control the people, now you wonder why the Gov have subjected us to poverty so they can control us.

A hungry man can do anything to survive, it started from our home, when we want to control, impress and oppress, that is who we are!

Every Nigerian man/woman, don’t want his or her next-door neighbour to know the truth, we like hoarding the truth, to us, is to checkmate things or to be in control, is that not what our government is living out today we cry they don’t tel our things,  it started from our homes.

In our own little way, Conner, our own Aso rock, office, shop,  and home as a leader or follower how do we follow or lead, we are so mean, wicked, heartless, cruel and self-centeredness to others still we cry our government is insensitive.

You want the governor/senator, politician, etc to give you that contract, job, money with ease but you make the people who come to you to work for you to go through hell because of a chicken change you give them, or peanut you will pay them, someone wrote off your bills but you insist on jailing the person owning you.

An ordinary service you employed to offer, you came with wickedness, you can’t even serve well, you shortchange people, you make a triple gain off your services or products sold, you lie to obtain money from people, you lie to the guy you love him just to collect money from him, you lie to a lady you want to marry her just to sleep with her, you collect money for the job and you disappear, you hid the truth because of your longer throat. you lied against innocent people for your own selfish gain,

Until we start getting it right from the home-front, we can’t get it right in the leadership of our contrary, we have lost the values and morals that direct people well.

President can not do it, we all will, lets start today from you, doing things right by upholding the right values in our homes, start saying things the way they are, no matter how bad or who it hurts.


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