RIGHT; Is when you have a legal right over something and if you check standard dictionary is not well stated, why? are you asking me,

PRIVILEGE; Means honoured or fortunate in having a special advantage or opportunity over others.

The majority of people expect you to pay  them for sitting around you, your office, home, without bringing anything to the table, salary raises, some can re-sell lands for global village, even to buy, with your hard earn money and build without their entitlement money on ground, just forget it, why some expect some sort of compensation just because they are from some certain areas oh  oooh. what a people, or occupy some situation, mistaking privilege for a right.

Some, Sitting on gold mine doing nothing about it and getting furious about people who came to mine the gold, those people ordinary they should celebrate and respect for waking their sleeping giants but no! rather they envy and fight them with words like this, ( is our money,  our resources, they are taking it, is not like they just came and took it, they worked for it, that is the requirement for their work ok,  hey, if they don’t tap it. it will still remain there untapped, so is not yours ok, is theirs, who lays hands on it first owns it, even after selling out a property and spending the money some  still owns it mentally oh my God!, you sure know about omo nile (land grabbers) which is spreading  fast into other areas, we are always quick to copy evil things, what an evil mentality,  who does that, hey, Our South African brothers, Niger Deltas and Yoruba brothers can relate with this line of trade ask them I did not say it oh..

Government lays rightly claim on your business, investment people build through their blood,  to pay taxi etc even when they don’t create an enabling environment for them to drive on and still proud them self over it.

Police kill for twenty nairas, it’s his right, shop attendees attend to you sharply for not giving them tips even after paying for your service or product, men beat women up or keep malice for refusing his advances, how deer you turn him down,  women bath her fellow  women on acid bath for choosing other over her ,women even men now coming to you for your money, not for you laying claim on your heard earn money, your spening on your partner is out of love and care, not mandatory, coming together of two people  should be based on mutual understanding and love is not statutory obligation of one person to feet the bills or one person to start  having entitled mentality just because she is called, GIRLFRIEND only when law has joined them together.!

Then our kings(the men)  sit and wait for parents to die then he will ‘INHERIT’ spend the money since they don’t know how to spend it, someone needs to teach them how to spend that money, all is entitlement mentally and even more.

Entitlement mentality looks around our youths and mostly men you will spot this entitlement mentality and the emotions and anger that goes with it, … Youths are angry today, because large number of them believe Government owns them and should provide for them, tell me if not why do we have large number of unemployed youths with wasting talents and large number of their fathers sitting on what is made for many only for themselves, feeling is their legal right or even replacing their own peers without apology, perhaps for many reasons not far from entitlement mentality, not the least of which is their sense of entitlement.

A senior colleague said no more building as an investment to keep since the first thing children will do once you die is to sell off all you spend your blood building, all he does is give them the best and quality  education in the world, why he tours around the world  spending his money with his wife, funny man, but his right thou.

This are his word( i have given them good and quality, education, let them come and create the kind of life they desire, I use to think he was wrong. but I now know better. your parents actually stop owing you ones you are of age and by states, country or region, being of age varies, some 18years, some 15years, some 19years, why some 21years, ones you are above that age range.  sweetheart is no longer the responsibility of your parents to do things for you, unfortunately, anything they did not do for you before that age is your luck and any other one they did for you after that age is now a privilege no longer a right for majority of you who keep manipulating your parents for your failures. you need to grow fast to allow them space plan for their life and have a mindset of independency nit this one that!

Own marriage and  children bearing, is our own way of investment, they gave birth to you so is solely your responsibility to cater for them, why not build your life into old age and stop hoping on children that will pay back even when they can’t, people should build their lives into old age, stop being a burden  on others. life is sweet and even sweeter when everyone is doing well, comfortable, please.

Think about it: if you feel entitled to something that you don’t receive, anger raises its ugly head, you no dey see am for niaja,  sisters, brothers relatives living life on others peoples expense,  same even accused women of the house (wife) as being the problem they’re not getting what they want from their relatives (men) because to them is now their right, some pick offense with you for not spending on them,  who told you your parents own you, we heard stories of children killing their parents for not meeting up with their demands. create the life you want and who you give is his/her luck is not must or rifgt is a privilege ok.

That you have managed to travel  out of your native town to a better place, oh boy they have opened shop on your had, living life on your own expenses some even live better than the person making the money, what you will not spend money on, they comfortably spend money on it, because they don’t know the pains of making the money,         relatives and extended ones, who don’t even know how you are managing, with the help of social media make mistake post painted picture online when you have not sent money to them they will pick offence with you, that you are enjoying and forgetting them, some of them are just their on your page as surveillance Tv and internationally correspondent to those who don’t get online, you can’t deny you are bot doing well, the proof is there online.

No wonder a good number of people work all thru the year without having anything to show for there work, because somany uncles, aunties, relatives brother and sister sit around them and they must please them, judge them not rashly, is not their fault is the culture, culture of manipulations, feeling they have wrong the gods if they did not do it.

Is common with every society but my dear the way and manner at wish, the sense of entitlement by many Nigerians is truly shocking.

its rate at which many of them feel entitled to the properties, monies, time, effort, bodies of other etc, makes you almost want to shout,  like am shouting now!

no wonder a man will woe a woman pick offences or get angry that she refused him, or even women get angry that the man refused to give her money, nah your money, did you work it for him, he gives who he wants to give, some go to the extent of acid bath or even killing people who refuse them friendship but accept others see me gbeke ooo,

If you don’t know, majority of your friends and relatives are angry with you because you are not paying your homage, tribute, they are your relative so is their legal right to enjoy your wealth that is the entitlement mentality, they where there when you where growing up, or as part of your life, so you must acknowledge that this community society you are part of,  na waoo.

Parents, putting overloads on their children that have to lead many into army robbery/ prostitution, NO WONDER WE RECREATE POVERTY, when the load is too much on one person he/she will soon join back,

If it’s not uncles in the village waiting for a nephew/ nieces , some even wait for them to die of natural causes, or the once they inflict on them, called otumukpo,  so he can inherit his properties, sell her to get money, forceful marriage or marriage for benefit,  some  often times  the case, aid the process along by killing the said relatives/nephew/ brother uncle or children of the owner instead to start making their own money or creating their own world rather their attention is on other peoples world, wealth, how to take over, it is someone somewhere, plotting and planning on your money.

This entitlement mentality is killing destroying and wasting OUR GENERATIONS, into the other world, he just asked how?

what is it that you don’t know,

Everywhere, in everything in everyone, where do I even start from,

first,  entitlement is that mindset individual has, where he or she mistakes privilege over right, it is a state of mind when someone has come to believe that it is his or her right to have, own, be or attain a position, then expecting it with all arrogance.

By our culture African culture, Narcissistic entitlement, we unconsciously grown entitlement mentality in the life of our men, which our ladies are stylish trying to impose on themselves, with their body, they feel they should have a man’s money, hmmmmm, some region in Nigeria once you’re doing well,  their own Nah to open leg born for you then they are sharing out of your wealth, they are well read, have people in judiciary to defined them, they are not asking you to marry them but at least you will pay upkeep, hahhahaha  hold on there, my Yoruba sister I no call una name oooo.

Of a truth is more with African men, An average African man believes that family property, land, wife, wealth even sisters automatically is his right, oh they believe that they own the family wealth by virtual of being a man, ask an Igbo man this hey, knows better? all heads must roll,  no wonder siblings mostly men siblings comfortably lays claim of their brothers, uncle, parents and even sisters wealth confidently as a man of the family he owns you and your wealth, igbokenu.

We have had stories where some kill their relatives or siblings to inherit his or her wealth, is allowed, no wonder will, is still a hard knot to be crack in Africa.

They believe that the death neck can still be properly well placed for the death, meaning family members has the right to decide or rewrite his/her will of course to favour them.

Have you ask why children and of a deceased flood the customary court over the property of a deceased always, still the same entitlement mentality o yes!

Unconsciously we build and breed this culture in us and our children from childhood, you will not tell me you don’t know how we threw tantrums like toddlers, rolling on the floor. crying for things, when we don’t get what we want, we get away with such actions even with promises from our parents and loved ones and our demand without knowing what we are doing to our self, our worlds, some of us, wants everything some even finishes their portion of meal and ask for their siblings own, is only 1% PARENTS UNDERSTAND THIS ACT and worked on it immediately but 99% sees it as child’s action  which is the after effect of what you and I are suffering today,

oh why do you think some of our girl children would go to any length to have what they want irrespective of the negativity on her, their immediate family and society in general.

it is an action that was not called off when it rare its ugly head. she does not care whose horse is got up.

As we grew older some of us, learn to wait for our turn, learn to be patience, showing consideration for others who understand that some other people deserve the best just as we do too, give chance  why some of us don’t, all they see, think and feel is me, me and me, even in our homes, we are the only unique one, every other person don’t matter, could it be where we got this mindset of do or die thing?

The Tantrums continues but in a more softly, refine, subtly and stylish way, o yes, entitlement mentality, after all, it is their right, they deserve it, so they must have it, check our elections, our Governance, no one is looking at hie or her acting that is inviting the negative actions from the other party.

If someone has a sense of entitlement, that means the person believes he deserves certain privileges, and he’s arrogant about it.  “culture of entitlement” suggests that many people now have highly unreasonable expectations about what they are entitled to.

take for instance in Nigerian, as a certain state or region believes they are born to rule, OUR northern brothers, will explain better, so when the leadership of the country is in the hand of another region, they get upset, angry and hostile but when is in their region without minding that they are not doing well is ok,  is their right.

Narcissistic entitlement refers to a belief that one’s importance, superiority, or uniqueness should result in getting special treatment and receiving more resources than others. … Narcissistic entitlement also includes a willingness to demand this special treatment or extra resources.

check Social Security, Medicare, and retirement most people get into some job not to affect their society but expecting those entitlement retirement plans, unemployment compensation, and job security oh my GOD, let’s wake up because the stipulated percentage for social security is not even honoured, still the same entitle mentality.

what then will happen to people like us that are here scrabbling this online?.stop getting angry with people for not opening his or her pocket to the family leeches and stop, manipulating people you own way, stop putting your hope on other peoples wealth and get up and work for that life you desire ok, is only a shameless person that sit around and wait for other people’s money, or family inheritance this is the beginning of another year, is the best time to start creating that life,, that world you desire ok

Getting married for that family member WHO LOOKS LIKE A BORDEN, off course you will feed them, but you are only killing them don’t think you are helping them, you can only help a man by pushing him or her into his destiny, PROVOKE HIM/HER T WORK, mind you a one who gets things easily will never struggle for it, he will always seek the same way, is a matter of calling different uncles, aunties and is done, am not saying is not good to assist o, but we should not make it our right or get angry when people don’t HELP US  ok, is not our right is just a privilege even from your parents and siblings they don’t own you, the only person who owns you in life is GOD.


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