The Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 2 primary election held on 27th May 2022 was a kangaroo election. The election was engineered by Otunba Henry Ajomole and Hon Bayo Olasoju, the Executive Chairman of Isolo LCDA and other APC Leaders in the Constituency against the sitting Honourable member, Hon Jude Omobowale Idimogu, and other three (3) Aspirants in favour of Ladi Ajomole.

The election was previously scheduled for Thursday, 26th May 2022, and was cancelled by the State and rescheduled for the next day, being Friday 27th May 2022, for our utmost surprise, it was observed that on the same Thursday evening, When other aspirants Left The venue, Hon Bayo Olasoju, the Executive Chairman of Isolo LCDA and Otunba Henry Ajomole, a respectful GAC member, took all the delegates to Milanco Hotel, Isolo Lagos and camp all the delegates there for over 10 hours, induced them with money to vote against their conscience, but the worst of it, is that the administered oat (Ogun) on them that anyone who votes against Ladi Ajomole and Engr. Ganiru Johnson will die.

That was why all the delegates voted against the sitting Honourable, Hon Jude Omobowale Idimogu and other aspirants in favour of Ladi Ajomole for State House of Assembly and in Favor of Engr Ganiru Johnson for Federal House of Representatives.

The vote was 30-0 in favour of Ladi Ajomole and also 30-0 in favour of Engr Ganiru Johnson.

If I may ask, what kind of election is this? where a particular candidate won all the votes while other candidates, including a sitting Honourable, didn’t get even a single vote?

The Party leaders as a matter of urgency should look into this ugly development before it affects our party’s general elections.

The implications of the above kangaroo election are that Engr Ganiru Johnson and Ladi Ajomole are from the same Ward in Okota and they vote in the same polling boot, Ejigbo LCDA has no candidate where Hon Jude Idimogu and other aspirants, including Hon Gbamigbetan resides.

It’s important to note Igbo factors in our general election, Hon Jude Omobowale Idimogu, the only Igbo man in the Lagos State House of Assembly, won his first election under PDP and crossed over to the APC. 2019 general elections were his first election on the APC platform, I believe that he deserves his second term in APC.

We appealed to the leadership of our great party to give Hon Jude Omobowale Idimogu a second term in APC, if not for another thing, but for the sake of his brothers and sisters (Igbos in Lagos State).

Finally, the PDP as a Party gave her own tickets to “One Igbo, one Yoruba”
Igbo for House of Representatives and Yoruba for House of Assembly.

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