Open Letter To Igbo Governors, Leaders, Elites And Ohaneze.

Igbo Governors
Igbo elites
Igbo leaders
Igbo Societal group leaders
Igbo Milloniers and
Ohaneze Ndigbo.  We wish to inform you all, that you people have disappointed the Igbos generally.
Thank you for facilitating the mass genocide planned against the Igbos in  Nigeria again in 2021.
The majority of you are more interested in being northerners stooge who would always do the beckoning of your ruling elite in Nigeria just to exist irrespective of who is dying.
The cowardice you people exhibiting over the welfare of ordinary Igbo person has gotten to the point that we will no longer keep quiet, others can but we can’t,
What are we all afraid of? death or deprivation of national cake, contracts and favour from the corridors of Aso-rock to the detriment of the lives of your brothers and sisters in the east (the Igbos)?
Is so unfortunate that you the Igbo leaders who suppose to protect and guard the Igbos are the ones selling them off, watching Nigeria Government killing your people without saying anything rather your comfortable dining with them as if nothing is happening, Amadioha will never forgive you and your generation.
Why the Hausa/Fulani are busy protecting the herdsmen, Boko haram and gunmen, securing amnesty, abroad training, monthly stipends with vip treatment for them after murdering millions of Nigerians, because their leader understands what it is to be a leader, they are being protective to people who are known for killing nationally.
The masob members and Ipob member agitations were totally for freedom and for the actualization of Igbos nation (BIAFRA) not to kill any Nigerian or any Igbos.
They are not killers yet the federal Government was fast to proscribe them as terrorists why you watch as fools without saying anything, without standing up for your people as leaders, you all are a big disgrace.
Yet, Igbos are been killed in dozens every time and you people have become dumbs and deaf so as not to lose your appointment, oil walls, positions, contracts and favours from your leaders in Government whom you must do their bids every day, which one of them is giving up your Igbo brothers for anything you want, disassociating yourself from Biafra nation.
Nigeria is a nation that if you say the truth you die, if you don’t say the truth you will die, why don’t we say the truth to free our conscience because death is inevitable made for every man on earth, we only pray to get old before dying yet people are dying every day.
It is so unfortunate that Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo state has exchange the lives of Igbos for sit of power and other Igbo leaders And governors are watching with kin interest as the Nigeria Government under Muhammad Buhari is Killing young men and women of Igbos,
The same way they killed them with the pretence of war from July 1967 to January 1970 under General Yakubu Gowon.
The only crime the Igbos committed for being Nigeria then and now is requesting for their freedom as a result of what they term marginalization by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
The 1966/1967 war took the lives of over 4million Biafran civilians who died of starvation which was a deliberate act by the then government of Nigeria and their colonial masters.
I don’t know about any other person but am ashamed to be called an Igbo lady.
When will this genocide stop, what is heard to understand, you refused to accept Igbos as real and true Nigerians and yet refused to let them go,
Boko Haram, herdsmen and gunmen are busy  massacring Nigerians in the north but the Nigerian Government is busy sending war jets, heavy  ammunition to the east to kill them and you, a Nigerian is keeping quiet because is not you or your people,

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