Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos as fathers and leaders of Igbos in Lagos state called for a press briefing to set records straight on the newly elected Lagos state APC coordinator In the person of Chief Anslem Njoku who was announced and declared the state coordinator by the 7 delegates from the 7 local government of the state at the Igbo centre build for Igbos by Lagos State Government,  okota Lagos on the 21st Feb 2021.

The president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Solomon said, that the Ohaneze secretariat is the only house of the Igbos in Lagos state and the only place where decisions binding Igbo’s can be taken.

That President of Ohanaeze said in respect to the newly elected chairman of Ndigbo in APC Lagos announced at Igbo centre which he referred as  Eze Nwachukwu palace  By council of Ndieze is therefore Null and Void,  He stated that another day will be fixed to announced the Coordinators of Ndigbo in APC Lagos in the secretariat agreed by all Igbo’s in APC Lagos pending the agreed date.

He said, Ohaneze is not saying Chief Anslem Njoku is not the coordinator nor Eze Uche Dimgba (Okpotemba), but a new day will be fixed and Igbo in APC will agree on their new coordinator who will be made public at the appropriate place.

Speaking at the event, The Lagos Lawmaker, Hon Jude Emeka Idimogu the deputy Apex leader Hon representing Oshodi Isolo constituency 2, said he will comply with the decision of Ohaneze provided it represents the interest of the party which is supreme and that of Ndigbo in APC the people.

He further explains that the election of Chief Anslem Njoku was Unanimously agreed upon by a delegate from the all-state local government, which came following the directives from the party by the State Chairman, Chief Tunde Balogun who said that Traditional leaders are not to hold any political position rather remain an advisory leader to advise party members.

Eze Dingba as a traditional leader, Eze in Igbo land, should not be partisans, and should be an adviser as directed by the party, peradventure Eze Dimgba insist to remain a political leader, he should denounce his Eze-ship so he can fit the requirement of the party, Igbo’s should not be ridiculed in the name of polities he stated.

The Apex leader, Engr. Joe Igbokwe who walked in during the session spoke extensively on how long he has worked with Eze Uche Dimgba (Okpotemba)  for the success of the party and why will it be now that he deserved compensated that they are coming up with him being an Eze, but did not consider his position as Eze all these years he has been working for APC, He stated that no one will remove Eze Uche Dimgba, that statement moved the crowd to echo that you will not enforce a leader on us.

The apex leader, Engr. Joe Igbokwe cautions the Eze’s in attendants to desist from gossip, he advised them to get a job and stop being lazy, which he stated that the problem in APC Lagos is because the Ezes are all lazy and walked away.

Many members get furious with the way he addressed the Eze’s and the walking away which ended the event.


Speaking on Eze Uche Dimgba (Okpotemba) Eze immiri who spoke during the press briefing said that the only position for Abia people in APC Lagos is what they are planning to take away from them and rather than take it away from them, Dimgba not being the state coordinator that heads will roll, A statement which many confirm he first made during the Igbo meeting at Calaba hall in Suruler, this is the second time.

Hence, Chief Anslem Njoku spoke; “I am okay with Ohaneze Ndigbo directives as long as is the peoples wish, I will wait, he said”.

Eze Uche Dimgba (Okpotemba) said, there’s no election or any event I will obey,  the apex leader in the person of Engr, Joe Igbokwe has spoken, I remain the coordinator of Ndigbo in APC Lagos and as the apex leader he has the power to do so, so I remain the coordinator of Ndigbo in APC Lagos.

Anonymous; “Ohaneze have been compromised, president Ohaneze is speaking from two sides of his mouth and will soon be ridiculed, first Ohaneze is a pressure group and has no right to declare any political position Null and Void 1, he said.

The first time Ndigbo in APC Lagos delegates are coming together from the 7 Local government to elect and announced their coordinator, Ohaneze is coming out to declare the event Null and Void because they have been bribed, Money has moved hands,  what stopped them, Ohaneze all these years from declaring Eze Uche Dimgba not elected because no one elected him, he was just parading himself as Igbo’s APC coordinator in Lagos, they did not elect or appoint him, one man can not elect a leader for the group.

He is working with Joe Igbokwe, Our Apex leader, who is using him against Ndigbo to favour a few of them, Igbo’s are not saying he should not work with Joe, but joe Igbokwe cannot impose him on us, Igbos in APC as our leader, And he should know that young shall grow, Joe being our Leader,  is getting agitated with the growth of other Igbos who are growing politically in Lagos, so as an apex leader he should allow others to grow too, he can’t do this job alone, the first time Igbos in APC Lagos are having this sense of belonging, please we won’t want to be taken aback, No! he said.”

Prince Anselam Udoka, known as Orobo call on apex leader to lead by example “joe Igbokwe the Apex leader does not have an attribute of good leadership with the way he’s handling the issues at hand, he should learn to make an amend, a leader is one who listens to his people, not one who imposes his wish and speaks to them sarcastically.

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