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Saying that Africans are the most religious people in the world are not far-fetched. Africans go through religious indoctrination from cradle to grave. because Africans are not allowed to live self-life given to them by their God, they are so much indoctrinated into living a set-out lifestyle” standard”  by family, society and the state to think but few, a typical African are not allowed to reason for his/herself or live outside the religious box.

In Africa, religion is by force, not by choice. Religion is by compulsion and not according to one’s conscience.

Africans are brought up to believe that there is no alternative to religion, when in fact there is. So in Africa, either you are religious or you are nobody — you are not a human being, you are nothing. The number of African and African pastors who have died there is really alarming  !!!

1, A Few years ago A South African pastor, Alfred Ndlovu died of malnutrition after going without food for 30 days when he tried to emulate Jesus Christ and fast for 40 days and 40 nights.

Buzz South Africa reports that the 44-year-old pastor left home for a nearby bush to have prayers, just like Jesus did. Attempting to equal or break Jesus Christ record of fasting for 40 days,

Mr Alfred Ndlovu died just a month despite having no history of illness. He was alone in the wilderness and his body was found by a stranger who then called the police. He was known by the  large community at large as a very spiritual person another is

2,   A Zambian pastor identified as Brighton Samajomba was also  reported to have  died of starvation 10 days before the end of his annual 30-day fasting

3, ZIMBABWE 73-yr-old prophet identified as Reinfirst Manyuka has also died after allegedly going for 30 days without food or water, fasting in the mountains.

4, Recently is a Nigeria born Ebony who was to break the record and make history as we are watching.
An Ebonyi State Boy has Been a native of izzi clan who resides at ishieke and currently An SS1 student of ishieke high school has finally survived dry fasting of 41 days and 41 nights (according to his claims). with all this one still wonders if actually this pastors, and their followers read the bible or understand the meaning what they read, of Christ giving his life for them,  on the cross for them when he said it is finished.. these problems still extent to why they can’t live a healthy life, as religion interferes in every area of their life, be it, social, political and marital few to say.

To a typical Africa is religion is just a starting point, unfortunately, they are just being lead by doctrine not by the real word,  quite a pity with peoples reasoning, Africa them do unah???.


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